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  • Volcanic activity pauses at Hawaii crater but more eruptions expected

    Volcanic activity from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano pauses on Tuesday, authorities says, while warning that more outbreaks should be anticipated.

  • A disaster we made worse

    “Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country due to its geographical location. So, we've to live with the phenomenon with necessary plans to keep the extent of damages and loss of lives to a minimum during any disaster.”

  • Disaster warning falls on deaf ears

    It is a glaring example of how ineffective measures by the local administration and people's carelessness can lead to loss of lives. Only five weeks ago, rain-induced landslides killed over 170 people in the hill districts, 120 of them in Rangamati alone. Such a high death toll should have been an eye-opener both for the administration as well as for those living precariously in the hill slopes. But yesterday's deaths of five people in a Sitakunda landslide are evidence that last month's warning fell on deaf ears.

  • Protect people from landslides

    Speakers at a seminar in the capital yesterday called for the protection of the environment in the country's hilly areas by taking up of long-term plans to tackle landslides.

  • When zakat can break the cycle of poverty

    It was tropical cyclones, starvation and loans that shaped the lives of 450 families of fishermen of Mohora fishing village three years ago.

  • Many feared buried by mudslides in Sri Lanka

    A massive landslide triggered by torrential rains buried homes in three villages in the central hills of Sri Lanka, and more than 200 families were missing and feared buried under the mud and debris, the Sri Lankan Red Cross says.

  • Pilot confidentiality 'must be relaxed'

    French investigators calls for medical confidentiality to be relaxed for pilots, in the wake of last year's Germanwings disaster.

  • Clean-up begins in Fiji after cyclone

    A clean-up operation begins after the most severe cyclone to hit Fiji in living memory killed at least 20. Rescue workers say that number could rise as some of the worst-hit outlying islands have yet to be reached.

  • Huge storm wreaks destruction in Fiji

    Authorities in Fiji are assessing the damage after the most powerful cyclone in the Pacific nation's history, which left one person dead.

  • Zimbabwe declares 'state of disaster' over drought

    Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe on Friday declared a "state of disaster" in many rural areas hit by a severe drought, with more than a quarter of the population facing food shortages.

  • Threat of utility network-related disaster

    It is a highly worrisome prospect that the many utilities we are served by everyday may be a source of danger to us in the event of a major disaster...

  • Hajj death toll tops 2,100 (video)

    The death toll from last month's hajj stampede has topped 2,100, according to tallies given by foreign officials, making it by far the deadliest disaster in the pilgrimage's history.

  • Hajj disaster death toll at least 2,177

    The crush and stampede that struck the hajj last month in Saudi Arabia killed at least 2,177 pilgrims, a new Associated Press tally showed on Monday.

  • Mahmood for shared responsibility to protect disaster-hit people

    Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali demands shared responsibility of all states to protect the climate and disaster-induced displaced people and mitigate their misery.

  • Guatemala landslide: Death toll rises to 73

    The Guatemalan authorities say the number of people killed in the hillside collapsed in El Cambray has risen to 73.

  • India floods kill more than 100

    Heavy monsoon rains in India have killed more than 100 people in the past week and forced tens of thousands of people to take shelter in relief camps, India's home ministry has said.

  • Thousands urged to flee as Typhoon Nangka hits Japan

    Japanese authorities urged at least 350,000 people to flee as Typhoon Nangka made landfall in southern Japan.

  • Indonesia military plane crash toll rises to 142

    Death toll from crash of an Indonesian air force plane packed with military personnel and their families rises to 142, as witnesses described people fleeing the disaster zone covered in blood with their clothes alight.