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  • Mysteries of the missing persons

    It is not that we are pointing the finger at the government and blaming it for the disappearances, but we must question its lack of interest when it comes to investigating these incidents

  • Another unexplained disappearance

    It has come to light that yet another person has also gone missing following a string of high-profile disappearances that include NSU teacher Mubashar Hasan who went missing exactly a month ago.

  • Where is Kalpana?

    An Amnesty International poster with the sketch of a young woman appears on the screen when googled for #myunseensister. The question “Kalpana Khudu?” (Where is Kalpana?) glares beside the pictures.

  • People can't just go 'missing'!

    When nine people mysteriously go “missing” from two villages of the same upazila in less than a month, including three members of the same family...

  • Probir Sikdar appeals to PM for ‘safety’

    Fearing that he might disappear or be harassed further, veteran journalist Probir Sikdar appeals to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to save his life immediately.

  • Where have all the missing persons gone?

    The statistics are frightening for any society that prides itself on its civilisational credentials, and even more so for any government....

  • Shillong police get Salahuddin’s health report

    Shillong Civil Hospital, where BNP leader Salahuddin Ahmed is undergoing treatment, has confirmed that he has been suffering from different ailments relating to kidney, heart, skin and urology.

  • Salahuddin can't say how he ended up in Shillong

    Indian cops arrest Salahuddin for intrusion

    Indian police arrests BNP leader Salahuddin Ahmed, who was missing for the last two months, in Shillong district of Meghalaya on charge of entering the country without travel documents.

  • Salahuddin Ahmed remains missing

    Opinion: Salauddin becomes another forgotten case?

    It seems we do not care that a man just disappeared into the blues amidst allegation that the law enforcing agency was behind the Houdini act. He seems to have gone down the annals of disappearance of the likes of Ilias Ali, Chowdhury Alam and labour leader Aminul Islam.

  • UK MPs want pressure on Bangladesh to end disappearance

    10 British MPs move so that the UK government put pressure on Bangladesh to stop disappearances and extra-judicial killings.