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  • ‘Help Bangladesh reach desired level of disability inclusion’

    Bangladesh has urged the development partners to help the country reach its desired level of disability inclusion.

  • An indomitable father-daughter duo

    We are heartened by the real life story published in this paper of a young girl leading her blind father from the crossbar of a rickshaw as he drives...

  • Impossible is nothing: Physically challenged Bangladeshi cricketers (video)

    If you chase your dreams, you can break down barriers and achieve your dreams; this is exactly what young cricketer Tirtha has proven to us.

  • Empowering special needs people

    IT is a sad reality in our country that people with special needs, instead of being supported, are shunned from mainstream society, denied their rightful opportunities for leading a normal life. To address this, various stakeholders at a talk have urged all 17 ministries in charge of development of people with disabilities to allocate a specific budget and a comprehensive plan of action geared towards empowering them.

  • Disability


    When Mizanur Rahman became enrolled into Jahanginagar University in 2006, he was not sure whether he would be able to continue to meet the costs of his education.