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  • DSCC Mayor Sayeed Khokon

    DSCC to distribute free aerosol spray to fight dengue

    Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) will distribute aerosol sprays among the education institutes in the city area free of cost in a bid to protect the students from mosquito bites and dengue fever.

  • Dengue in Dhaka

    Dengue menace alarming but not out of control: WHO

    World Health Organization (WHO) expressed its willingness to work jointly with Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) to control dengue prevalence.

  • dengue and Chikungunya virus

    Dengue threat looms over city

    A large part of Dhaka South City Corporation is at risk of a dengue outbreak as the carrier of the virus, Aedes mosquito, is present at over one-third of the houses and other structures in that zone, a survey has found.

  • Guppy fish an effective dengue mosquito control method

    Guppy fish can be one of the five most effective forms of dengue control, as these tiny fish can be placed in water vessels in and around homes, where they will eat the larvae of dengue-transmitting mosquitoes.