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  • Govt displeased with anti-religion bloggers, their killers: Minister

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today says the government is not pleased with “bloggers who demean religion” and the people who are killing them.

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    Motion Timeline: 29 killings in 4 years

    Since 2013, at least 29 secular activists, publishers, minorities and advocates of free thinking have been killed in grisly attacks, which are believed to be works of militants. Trial for only one such brutal attack has been completed so far.

  • Writing against religion won't be tolerated: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said hurting religious sentiments of others by writing something is not acceptable.

  • US reaffirms shelter for bloggers, secular activists

    The United States has reaffirmed shelter for Bangladeshi bloggers and secular activists in view of the attacks and killings on the group in the South-Asian country. A spokesperson says US' Homeland Security will consider visa requests for bloggers and secular activists on "humanitarian parole".

  • Special security for writers, bloggers

    The much-awaited month-long book fair "Amar Ekushey Granthamela-2016” begins today at Bangla Academy and Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital.

  • Book fair: Cops to provide spl security to writers, bloggers

    Law enforcers will provide “special security” to writers, bloggers and visitors at the Ekushey Book Fair if they ask for it, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police says.

  • CPJ welcomes blogger Rajib murder convictions

    The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) welcomes convictions in the case of Bangladeshi blogger Rajib Haider, who was hacked to death in February 2013.

  • 110 journalists killed in 2015, says Reporters Without Borders

    A total of 110 journalists are killed around the world in 2015, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said on Tuesday, warning that more were being deliberately targeted for their work in supposedly peaceful countries.

  • HR groups call on US to grant asylum to Bangladesh bloggers

    A coalition of human rights groups calls on the USA to grant temporary visas to secular writers from Bangladesh after a series of bloody attacks by Islamist militants.

  • 'Save voices of Bangladeshi free thinkers'

    Rafida Ahmed Banya, the widow of Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy, urges the international community to come forward to help save the voices of Bangladeshi journalists, writers, bloggers, and publishers and help them maintain a healthy secular society.

  • UK minister concerned over attacks on publishers

    UK Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Hugo Swire expresses deep concern over the attacks on publishers and bloggers in Bangladesh.

  • Open letter urges arrest of ‘blogger-killers’

    Following a string of brutal “machete” murders of Bangladeshi bloggers, an open letter today calls upon the Bangladeshi government to stop “victim-blaming” the bloggers and focus on catching the extremists who are murdering them.

  • Free speech under attack as never before: HRW

    Human Rights Watch today observed that the free speech in Bangladesh is under attack as never before in the country.

  • No time to shilly shally

    Five bloggers have been killed in the last five years. And except for the alleged killers of Ahmed Rajiv Haider, no others have been brought to justice yet.

  • Protect bloggers, prosecute those targeting free speech: HRW

    Human Rights Watch urges Bangladesh government to declare an unequivocal commitment to free speech instead of proposing self-censorship.

  • Opinion: Is this rule of law?

    Human rights leaders are blaming the long pervasive culture of impunity as one of the major reasons for the gruesome killings of children and bloggers.

  • Failure to stop bloggers' killers frustrates people

    With the fifth murder of a blogger spreading a wave of frustration among the general public, The Daily Star talked to people on the Dhaka University campus today to know what they were thinking about the situation.

  • Taslima Nasreen moved to US amid death threats: CFI

    Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen moved to United States by the Center for Inquiry (CFI), New York-based advocacy group, which says that she received death threats, reports The Huffington Post.

  • Analysis: Ban, an answer to Ansarullah?

    Government’s ban on Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), an Islamist outfit blamed for the killings of two free-thinkers and bloggers in Dhaka and one in Sylhet in a span of only 75 days, came on the heel of utter failure of law enforcing agencies.

  • Online writers and activists must be protected

    THE serial killing of bloggers in Bangladesh, with little development as far as catching and punishing the assassins are concerned, has compelled the Human Rights Forum (Bangladesh) to call upon the government to provide protection to online writers/activists, many of them still on the hit-list of religious extremists.

  • Bloggers die young (video)

    It is hard to believe that a group of writers are in mortal danger in the country now just for expressing their opinions. But that’s the truth.

  • Ensure bloggers’ security, rights body tells govt

    Human Rights Forum (HRF), national coalition of 19 rights and development organisations, calls upon government to provide protection to bloggers and online writers who are at risk.


    In just over two years, Bangladesh has lost five dynamic, assertive, free thinkers to gruesome acts of deliberate violence.

  • UN experts condemn bloggers' killings

    Condemning recent killings of bloggers in Bangladesh, UN human rights experts warn that it is an alarming signal of deterioration of the space for freedom of expression.

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    Bloggers and the bigoted

    THE brutal murders of two bloggers by extremists, one in full public view and the other in broad daylight, in a residential area of the city in disturbingly quick succession have understandably created a wave of fear amongst the people.