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  • Garment workers take to the streets demanding wages in Savar

    Garment workers of at least 11 factories in Savar take to the streets this morning demanding wages of the previous month.

  • Thousands returning to Dhaka amid shutdown

    Thousands of people were seen coming to Dhaka from Savar, Manikganj, Barishal, Mymensingh, Gazipur and many other parts of the country amid the nationwide shutdown enforced to combat the spread of coronavirus.

  • Govt committed to RMG workers’ welfare: commerce secretary

    The government is firmly committed to the Sustainability Compact and the welfare of millions of readymade garment (RMG) workers, said Commerce Secretary Mofizul Islam.

  • RMG

    RMG vision: The immediate and the important

    It's an era of innovation. It's an era of efficiency. In one part of the world, they are making “smart” jackets, which are creating a microclimate for the wearers, by using carbon fibre heating pads, and are also using Amazon's smart assistant Alexa to even pre-heat the jacket before the consumers are putting them on.

  • Why Are Workers On The Streets?

    Since January 6, garments workers in Mirpur, Uttara, Ashulia and Savar have been protesting on the streets (as of this issue going to print on January 9). Earlier, prior to the elections, garment workers had also protested in different industrial areas, in limited capacities. Why are workers protesting now—three months after the new minimum wage was declared?