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  • Bangladesh Bank heist

    CID fails to present probe report on Bangladesh Bank heist today, next date Jan 13

    A Dhaka court today set January 13 to submit a probe report in the case filed over Bangladesh Bank (BB) reserve heist that took place in 2016.

  • BB heist: Info on perpetrators sought from Philippines

    Bangladesh has sought from the Philippines the identities of the perpetrators involved in Bangladesh Bank heist, says Masud bin Momen, secretary (Asia Pacific) of the foreign ministry.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    BB not worried at RCBC case

    Terming the RCBC's defamation suit against the Bangladesh Bank baseless, a top BB official yesterday said it would not put any pressure on the central bank.

  • Bangladesh Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal

    CID probe on, Farashuddin report can't be disclosed

    The government cannot disclose the Farashuddin-led committee's investigation report on Bangladesh Bank reserve heist so that probe by the Criminal Investigation Department is not “influenced”, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal told parliament last night.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    BB Heist Probe: CID fails 56th report deadline

    A Dhaka court yesterday again asked Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to submit probe report by March 13 in Bangladesh Bank cyber heist case.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    BB Cyber Heist: JP's Chunnu demands finance minister's statement in House

    Mujibul Haque Chunnu, a lawmaker from the main opposition Jatiya Party, yesterday demanded that Finance Minister AHM Mostafa Kamal give a statement in parliament on the Bangladesh Bank cyber heist.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    Legal battle begins

    With the help of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bangladesh yesterday launched a legal battle to recover the full amount stolen from its central bank's reserve.

  • AMA Muhith

    ‘BB heist probe report after Philippines settles case’

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith says the investigation report on reserve heist of the Bangladesh Bank is not being made public as a case is pending with a court in the Philippines.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    More evidence NKorea linked to BB cyber heist: Kaspersky Lab

    Cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab says it has obtained digital evidence that bolsters suspicions by some researchers that North Korea was involved in last year's $81 million cyber heist of the Bangladesh central bank's account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    BB heist 'state-sponsored': FBI official

    The heist of $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank's account at the New York Federal Reserve last year was "state-sponsored," an FBI officer in the Philippines, who has been involved in the investigations, says.

  • Can we have full disclosure, please

    Can we have full disclosure, please?

    Bangladesh is well-known around the globe for its many achievements. Rapid economic progress, exceptional exports growth, universal primary education, elimination of poverty and bold strides in addressing income inequality.

  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corp

    BB heist: US$21.2 million fine on RCBC

    Philippine banking regulators impose the single biggest monetary penalty on an erring financial institution in the country’s history, slapping Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) with a US$21.2-million ( P1-billion) fine in the wake of the cyber heist at Bangladesh Bank.

  • Bangladesh nears recovery of US$81m stolen funds

    Bangladesh Bank is a step closer to recovering a portion of the US$81 million fund stolen by hackers from its account with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, reports The Philippine Star.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    US attorney in Manhattan probes BB cyber heist

    US attorney's office opens probe of cyber heist of $81 million from Bangladesh Bank's account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a law enforcement source says.

  • Farashuddin wants further probe

    The government should carry out further investigation to find out whether the suspected Bangladesh Bank officials were really involved in the $101 million cyber heist, says Mohammed Farashuddin, head of the three-member body that probed the theft.

  • NY Fed first rejected cyber-heist transfers, then moved $81m

    Hours before the Federal Reserve Bank of New York approved four fraudulent requests to send $81 million from a Bangladesh Bank account to cyber thieves, the Fed branch blocked those same requests because they lacked information required to transfer money, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter.

  • SWIFT fights to restore faith after BB heist

    The chief executive of secure messaging system SWIFT says the theft of $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank, by criminals sending fraudulent payment instructions via SWIFT, would force the organisation to shrink and review its strategy.

  • swift-logo

    SWIFT to unveil new security plan after BB heist

    The SWIFT secure messaging service that underpins international banking says it is planning to launch a new security programme as it fights to rebuild its reputation in the wake of the Bangladesh Bank heist.

  • Bangladesh Bank heist

    The Immediate Tasks at Hand

    More than three months have passed since the Bangladesh Bank (BB) heist, and in the interim much water has flown down the Padma, Meghna,

  • Bangladesh Bank

    N Korean, Pakistani hackers involved

    Forensic investigators examining the theft of $81 million from Bangladesh Bank's account with the New York Fed have

  • Bangladesh Bank

    NY Fed, BB, SWIFT to work jointly

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bangladesh Bank and SWIFT have vowed to work together to recover the $81 million that Bangladesh lost in a reserve heist three months ago.

  • Bangladesh Bank

    BB heist: Manila court asked to extend preservation order on stolen funds

    The Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) asks the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 53 to extend the provisional asset preservation order (PAPO) issued by the court on the money received by casino junket operator Kam Sin “Kim” Wong.

  • BB's instant steps helped avert large scale heist

    Bangladesh Bank's prompt actions averted large scale hacking into its account with the New York Fed, Prime Minister Sheikh

  • Bangladesh Bank

    Bangladesh Bank exposed to hackers by cheap switches, no firewall: cops

    Bangladesh's central bank was vulnerable to hackers because it did not have a firewall and used second-hand, $10 switches to network computers connected to the SWIFT global payment network, an investigator into one of the world's biggest cyber heists says.

  • Shafik arrested to divert attention: Fakhrul

    BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir claimed the arrest of Shafik Rehman intends to divert the attention from Bangladesh Bank cyber heist and Tonu murder.

  • High-powered taskforce formed to recover BB money

    The government forms a high-powered taskforce to recover the money hacked from the Bangladesh Bank's account with the US Federal Bank in New York.

  • Kim Wong

    Don't ask where money came from, says Manila casino boss in heist probe

    For Kim Wong, the Chinese casino owner in the Philippines entangled in one of the world's largest bank heists, there are two golden rules for dealing with wealthy punters: always demand to see their money, but never ask where it came from.

  • Sri Lankan in Bangladesh cyber heist says she was set up by friend

    When Hagoda Gamage Shalika Perera, a small Sri Lankan businesswoman, got a deposit of $20 million in her account last month, she said the funds were expected but had no idea they were stolen from Bangladesh's central bank in one of the largest cyber heists in history.

  • BB fund: Theft a blow to Philippine efforts to lure investors

    The Philippines’ failure to address the loopholes in anti-money laundering safeguards could affect even foreign investments in the infrastructure space, a conduit for which is the Aquino administration’s flagship Public Private Partnership (PPP) program.

  • CID-FBI meeting over BB heist deferred to Sunday

    The meeting between police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and US’ Federal Bureau of Investigation over the cyber heist of Bangladesh Bank’s account deferred to Sunday.