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  • BB still waits to get back $66m in stolen money

    Two years have gone by since the Bangladesh Bank cyber heist, but Bangladesh could not bring back the major chunk of the $81 million wired to the Philippines from BB's account with the New York Fed.

  • Bangladesh Bank -Rizal Commercial Banking Corp

    RCBC accuses Bangladesh of heist ‘cover-up’

    The Philippines bank through which $81 million stolen from Bangladesh’s central bank was channelled in February 2016 has accused Dhaka’s monetary authority of covering up its negligence and demanded that it stop making the bank a “scapegoat.”

  • Four new banks in bangladesh 2018

    BB sends team to Manila to push for heist money recovery

    Bangladesh's central bank will send a team of officials to the Philippines to push for the recovery of more of the $81 million stolen from its account at the New York Federal Reserve last year and routed through a bank in Manila.

  • 'NKorea hacking increasingly focused on making money'

    North Korea is behind an increasingly orchestrated effort at hacking into computers of financial institutions in South Korea and around the world to steal cash for the impoverished country, a South Korean state-backed agency says in a report.

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    BB unlikely to extend FireEye contract for heist probe

    Bangladesh's central bank is unlikely to extend the contract of US cyber security firm FireEye to investigate the electronic theft of $81 million of its money, sources at the bank say, citing high costs as one of the factors.

  • BB heist linked to Philippines attack, Sony hack: Symantec

    Hackers who stole $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank have been linked to another cyber attack, this time on a bank in the Philippines, in addition to the 2014 hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, cyber security company Symantec Corp says.

  • BB heist: $38m still missing from stolen funds

    Almost half or a total of $38 million of the $81 million funds allegedly stolen from Bangladesh are still missing, an official of the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) tells a Philippine Senate hearing.

  • BB heist: Dhaka asks SWIFT to give access to technicians

    Bangladesh asks SWIFT to help its police question technicians sent by the global financial network to Dhaka to connect a new bank transaction system months before February's $81 million cyber heist, according to a source and an e-mail seen by Reuters today.

  • Bangladesh Bank heist

    The Immediate Tasks at Hand

    More than three months have passed since the Bangladesh Bank (BB) heist, and in the interim much water has flown down the Padma, Meghna,