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  • Bangladesh Bank

    Parliament passes bill to extend Bangladesh Bank governor’s age limit

    Parliament has passed the “Bangladesh Bank (Amendment) Bill, 2020” to extend the age limit of the central bank’s governor to 67 years.

  • Central bank detects Tk 4,000cr laundering

    Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit has detected cases of money laundering involving Tk 4,000 crore and is carrying out a thorough probe into it, Bangladesh Bank Deputy Governor Abu Hena Mohd Razee Hassan said yesterday.

  • BB must act to protect depositors' interests

    Although protecting depositors' interests is one of the key responsibilities of Bangladesh Bank, those interests are not being safeguarded, former BB governor Atiur Rahman alleged yesterday.

  • Bangladesh Bank heist

    The Immediate Tasks at Hand

    More than three months have passed since the Bangladesh Bank (BB) heist, and in the interim much water has flown down the Padma, Meghna,

  • Kim Wong

    Don't ask where money came from, says Manila casino boss in heist probe

    For Kim Wong, the Chinese casino owner in the Philippines entangled in one of the world's largest bank heists, there are two golden rules for dealing with wealthy punters: always demand to see their money, but never ask where it came from.

  • Exit of a good man

    The former Bangladesh Bank (BB) governor must be lauded for taking the moral responsibility for the bank's financial mishap that led to a US$101 million heist from BB account at the New York Fed.

  • The (not so) dignified exit of a dignified man

    Without detracting from the undeniable fact that as the governor of the BB, the buck stopped with him, it may be fairly said that the 'graceful' exit of Professor Rahman has probably raised more questions than it has resolved.

  • Dr. Atiur Rahman

    The state of our institutions

    The BB Governor has done the only moral thing to do, resign. But that is only one aspect of the issue. The matter has generated several questions and people need credible answers to those.