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  • Rohingya Refugee Camps: Some 60 babies born a day: UN

    Around 60 babies a day are being born in vast refugee camps in Bangladesh, sheltering hundreds of thousands of mainly Rohingya Muslims who have fled Myanmar, the United Nations children's agency Unicef said on Wednesday.

  • A baby born into chaos

    Mohammed Jubayed came into the world shortly after midday in a baking hot military tent in the chaos of a vast refugee camp in Bangladesh, now home to nearly a million Rohingya.

  • Newborn baby found at Dhaka Medical College Hospital's Bathroom

    Woman held for 'trying to steal baby'

    A woman was detained for allegedly trying to steal a baby from her mother at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital yesterday.

  • Rate halved in 15 years

    An estimated 83,100 babies were born dead in Bangladesh last year, which is nearly a 50 percent decrease in stillbirths from 160,300 in 2000, according to The Lancet, a UK-based medical journal.

  • Baby born during overseas flight (video)

    A Los Angeles doctor returning from her honeymoon ended up delivering a baby on an overseas flight when a fellow passenger went into early labor.