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  • The show must go on!

    At a Pohela Boishakh programme held at a restaurant in the capital, LRB resurfaced as 'Balam and the Legacy' to put on a performance in tribute to the late great Ayub Bachchu.

  • legendary musician Ayub Bachchu

    Toronto pays tribute to AB

    10 Bangladeshi bands from Canada paid tribute to legendary musician Ayub Bachchu in a stellar concert organised at the Blessed Cardinal Newman High School in Toronto on

  • Members of BAMBA tribute to Ayub Bachchu

    BAMBA's farewell tribute to Ayub Bachchu

    It was difficult for the members of Bangladesh Musical Bands Association (BAMBA) to process the shock that was the passing of Ayub Bachchu, whom they dearly referred to as simply 'AB'.

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    While a Nation Gently Weeps...Ayub Bachchu

    The harmony of the artiste's life was far from being lost. Always full of life and laughter, his contemplations were anything but weary.

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    Chattogram's final tribute to THE MAESTRO

    Chattogram City Corporation Mayor, A J M Nasir Uddin received Ayub Bachchu's body at Shah Amanat International Airport at 10:55 am and escorted it to the Balur Math area of Purba Madarbari in the port city, where hundreds of people gathered to see their favourite artiste for the last time.

  • AB home, for good

    Bangladesh’s band music legend and founder of LRB, Ayub Bachchu has been laid to eternal rest beside his mother at their family graveyard in Chattogram.

  • Legendary Singer Ayub Bachchu

    Adieu, AB

    AB is no more. The nation is in his debt, and there's nothing we can do about it. There are murmured demands for some sort of a national tribute or recognition. If you ask me, a man, who has won over hearts, has no use for medals.

  • Legendary singer Ayub Bachchu

    A sea of mourners at Shaheed Minar

    Lining up for hours at Central Shaheed Minar, thousands of mourning fans and followers pay their tributes to legendary rockstar Ayub Bachchu, who died of heart attack yesterday.

  • Legendary Singer Ayub Bachchu

    Heart to Heart

    The thin fused me corrects myself in the nick of time. After all, I have a six-year-old right in front of me. They are blotting papers, more so, when it comes to audio-visual equivalent of the Apple of Eden.

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    Memories with the Legend

    The first time I had met Ayub Bachchu was years ago at a recording in a studio called Art of Noise in Shegun Bagicha. The studio belonged to yet another music legend Foad Nasser Babu from the band Feedback.

  • Legendary rockstar Ayub Bachchu dies

    The maestro's final journey

    Many were in tears as the maestro whose music played an integral part in their formative years was no more. Present during the tributes were Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor

  • Legendary Singer Ayub Bachchu

    Silence of STRINGS

    Music was not just a passion to the self-taught guitarist, it was his sole profession, and fortune did not let him down either. The word “legend” is generously used to refer to celebrities nowadays but Ayub Bachchu was and remains a legend in the truest sense.

  • Band Guru James_01

    We had fair competition: James

    Remembering the legendary musician Ayub Bachchu, singer James says he had a healthy competition with him (Bachchu) for composing songs.

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    ‘Love Runs Blind’

    As the music maestro and legendary rockstar Ayub Bachchu bids farewell to his fans forever, let us take a look back at his band LRB’s journey through the years.

  • Ayub Bachchu biography

    Life of a legend

    Ayub Bachchu mostly known as AB is the legendary name in the history of Bangladeshi Band Music.

  • Rock legend Ayub Bachchu

    Rock’s leading light goes out

    Ayub Bachchu, prominent singer, composer and founder of rock band LRB, passes away at his Moghbazar residence in Dhaka at the age of 56.


    Ekti Kishor Chele, Ekaki Shopno Dekhe Hashi aar Gaane, Shukher Chobi Aanke.

  • Ayub Bachchu

    Sharing the happiness with the less fortunate

    Ayub Bachchu, one of the most prominent guitarists of the country, is invariably a major figure in Bangladesh's music. Be it with his band LRB or as a solo singer-guitarist, he has produced many hits throughout his career. The veteran shared thoughts and plans on celebrating Eid, in conversation with The Daily Star.

  • AB on Practice Pad tonight

    Radio Shadhin's weekly show, Practice Pad, is completing its second year today (December 8).

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    AB's 25 year musical journey

    Music is to be regularly practiced and worshipped.