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  • What does sliding into 'autocracy' really mean?

    When I was a village boy, I learned from one of my grandparents that if I ever see a black cat, I shouldn't leave home to begin a journey for an auspicious cause. Later I realised that black cats are commonly visible in all villages and they come out of their dens particularly in the morning when most journeys are begun.

  • Autocracy Country Bangladesh

    ‘Shameful for Bangladesh to be considered autocratic’

    It is shameful for Bangladesh that it is now considered under autocratic rule, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir says.

  • Democracy to be restored in 2016: BNP

    BNP hopes that people will be able to restore democracy in the country by defeating fascism and autocracy in 2016.

  • Politics

    Tyranny doesn't go unanswered

    WHER-EVER autocracy exists resistance does too. History teaches us that. February 23 is a day that is remembered in Germany for events that took place at the height of Nazi power in a place called Munich.