World Water Day 2019

World Water Day 2019

Waste of water, way to disaster

The next world war will be over water. And Bangladesh appears to be most oblivious of all amidst the grim global forecast.

Reaching everyone, everywhere

Last year, we met Subita Rani in a tea garden in Sreemangal. A former tea garden worker, Subita walks over half an hour each day,

Private solution for a public good

Providing fresh drinking water in disaster-prone and remote areas is one of the top priorities of BSRM CSR desk. We work in partnership with various local NGOs such as TMSS, GBS, GUK and NDP. We want to contribute towards Bangladesh's effort to achieve the SDGs.

“Reuse, reserve and recycle water to increase efficiency”

There are hundreds of rivers in the northern and central part of the country which have been allowed to be silted up. At present, river