Smart Bangladesh for an inclusive tomorrow

Smart Bangladesh for an inclusive tomorrow

Samsung Mobile: towards the nation of the future

Smart Bangladesh: Taking Bangladesh to newer and greater heights by utilising modern technology! What was once a dream is now a reality!

Grameenphone in building a technologically smart nation

During the 1990s, analogue phones were the prevalent mode of telecommunications and talking to someone on the phone cost, on average,

Augmedix Bangladesh Rehumanising healthcare with cutting-edge technology

Imagine waiting in line to see a doctor for hours, only to find that the doctor barely has any time to pay attention to you, as he is busy documenting your symptoms and treatment plan during your visit. Sounds familiar?

ASUS shaping a tech-savvy Bangladesh with innovative laptops

The digital transformation of Bangladesh over the past two decades has been fueled by the increasing convergence of technology with our everyday lives.

OPPO: Elevating the modern digital lifestyle

The ‘Smart Bangladesh’ vision entails wider access to modern technology as well as the integration of information technology in the social, economic and commercial development of Bangladesh.

REDX: Going the distance for Smart Bangladesh

In the past few years, especially during the pandemic, the e-commerce sector has experienced phenomenal growth. People’s purchasing habits have changed due to the Bangladeshi e-commerce revolution, particularly the young generation.

How foodpanda is creating a smart q-commerce ecosystem

Bangladesh is changing radically. As the country leaps forward in the digital era, its people are embracing the smart, tech-savvy way of life, day in and day out. Today,

Zaynax Health: Revolutionising digital healthtech services in Bangladesh

The recent pandemic has forced people worldwide to reevaluate their countries’ healthcare systems. There are growing concerns over how to improve the healthcare system’s capacity to respond to emergencies.

ShareTrip and the rise of smart travelling in Bangladesh

The age of the internet has changed how travellers plan their trips and pick their destinations. Travellers can now research potential destinations online, as opposed to a traditional brick-and-mortar travel agency.

The unstoppable journey towards a Smart Bangladesh

The announcement of Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021 was proclaimed in 2009. 13 years later, keeping up with the growing global changes, the government aims to establish Smart Bangladesh - a developed and prosperous country by 2041 through the transition to a knowledge-based economy.