Independence Day Special 2017

Independence Day Special 2017


As Bangladesh steps into its 46th year as an independent and sovereign nation, it is celebrating its vast achievements,while contemplating the intricate mechanisms needed to address its problems.

Editor's note

Bangladesh becoming independent was the inevitable conclusion of decades of struggle against the blatant subjugation that deprived

Remembering the year of war

We lived in Rajarbagh Road, across the tin-roofed bamboo barracks of the Police Lines. On the night of March 25, 1971, my brother-

The Birangana and the birth of Bangladesh

The year 1971 was a landmark in South Asian history for many reasons. It included the birth of Bangladesh but also the war fought by

BANGLADESH: The goal of culture and civilisation

On the occasion of 46th Independence Day we are publishing a translation of the renowned litterateur and educationist Dr Muhammad Enamul Haq's article titled Bangladesh: Sangskriti o Sovvotar Loksho. It was published in early 1972. In this article Dr Haq elucidates the importance of adopting secularism as the state policy of the newborn nation.

Those dark days

Qurbani Eid (Eid-ul-Azha) was in February and one of my uncles had arrived from London. Together with other relatives we left for

Let's acknowledge Bangalis as leaders

One of the reasons of making Urdu the sole national language, was that the British had forcefully imposed it in Punjab as the

THE TANGAIL LANDINGS A signal for victory

I travelled to Tura, the capital of Meghalaya, three times during the war as a representative of Tangail Mukti Bahini to bring arms and