Amar Ekushey 2016 | The Daily Star

    As we step into the 64th year since the fateful day of February 21, 1952, we take the opportunity to reflect on the long road we have

  • Satyajit Roy's memorable speech at Dhaka

    I have been hearing about “Shaheed Dibosh” for a long time, about February 21. But if I had not come here and seen it for myself,

  • The economics of learning a new language

    When we look back at the previous century, we do so today with the wisdom that is only ever afforded to hindsight. But even through

  • In the land of the Bangalis

    AS we celebrate another Amar Ekushey, we remind ourselves of the importance of language in forming and defining our identities. We

  • One step forward, two steps back

    BANGLADESH'S vision of a knowledge-based society is shackled in the vicious cycle of falling readership and substandard publishing sector infested countless problems.

  • The first-ever bangla grammar and dictionary by a portuguese priest

    EVEN the school children at the primary school level today would tell us that the very first Bangla grammar and dictionary was written

  • Teaching my child her mother tongue

    Almost every morning I chat with my mom on Viber or Skype. We are thousands of miles apart, she is in Bangladesh and I am in the

  • The extinction of Bangla

    Every year the month of February makes me immensely proud to be a native speaker of Bangla. At the same time I am also happy to be

  • Old Bangla prose

    By my faith! For more than forty years I have been speaking prose without knowing anything about it!