The changing middle-class story

The changing middle-class story

The job market for fresh university graduates

The job market in any field has always been competitive.

Children’s mental well-being: A practice in empathy and care

The relationship between children’s mental health and their overall quality of life is heavily interconnected as it influences their academic performance, interpersonal relationships, and even physical health.

Seeking treatment: Choosing between foreign and local healthcare facilities

Every year, thousands of Bangladeshi patients travel abroad in search of better medical treatment despite the availability of similar services within the country.

Young entrepreneurs in agriculture: The new driving force

Agriculture accounts for approximately 13.6 per cent of Bangladesh’s GDP and employs more than 40.6 per cent of the labour force. As technology advances, so do agricultural applications, ushering in a new era of industrial upheaval.

Caring for the terminally ill: Palliative and hospice care

Palliative and hospice care were introduced in the western medical field decades ago. In Bangladesh, the concept is new, and lacks proper research and resources.

Editor’s note

The previous years have seen the Bangladeshi middle-class plunge into unforeseen difficulties. The fallout of a global pandemic, coupled with a raging war in Europe has created an economic slowdown that affects the life of an average Bangladeshi in more ways than one.

Innovation in education

Education is an ever-evolving pursuit. Both in terms of delivery and reception, the content and the mode of learning must continue to be re-imagined in order to fit the needs of the students.

Inflation and its effect on the livelihood of middle-class families

The middle class in Bangladesh is facing an unprecedented cost of living crisis that is making it increasingly difficult to survive.

Smart financial decisions to take during tough times

The year has brought about new global changes that our country must now face, which will in turn impact our personal and financial management.

How to avoid a debt trap in 2023

The debt trap is a serious issue and has a lot of relevance to our current financial situation. Even after three or so tumultuous years, both in terms of COVID-19 and an economic slowdown, we feel it is not over yet.

Why should I invest in savings schemes?

Savings schemes are a semblance of hope for the future, especially amidst the uncertainty of 2023 and beyond.

How stockpiling affects the middle class

Building a society ‘free from exploitation’ was one of the primary goals of the Constitution we founded in 1972.

Child sexual abuse: When home is also not a safe place

Sexual abuse can be the most traumatising experience a child has to go through. The memory of how helpless they felt, to be too young to raise their voices haunts them for the rest of their lives;

Exotic fruits and vegetables in our diet

In recent years, the availability of exotic fruits and vegetables from local farms in Bangladesh has been on the rise.

Middle class driving our tourism

Travel is all about broadening your perspective. It allows you to encounter different ideas, viewpoints, cultures, scenery, and even cuisines.

Women on the move: Making travelling easier

While the desire to explore new places may be the same for all, is travelling throughout the country the same for everyone?