National swimming starts today

The National Swimming Championship gets underway today at the Mirpur Swimming Complex after a year's break. The largest swimming competition of the country, which was skipped last year due to preparation for the South Asian Games, will have 420 competitors from 59 teams including district teams, services teams, educational institutions and club sides.

The three-day competition will feature diving and water polo apart from the swimming events.

There will be monetary awards for those setting new national records, informed speakers at a press conference arranged in this regard at the auditorium of the Bangladesh Olympic Council yesterday. The competition will be inaugurated by the president of Bangladesh Swimming Federation and Navy chief Admiral Nizamuddin Ahmed today morning.


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তিনি ছিলেন স্বাধীন বাংলাদেশ গড়ে তোলার স্বপ্ন-সংগ্রাম ও স্বাধীনতা পরবর্তী রাজনৈতিক মেরুকরণের অন্যতম নিয়ামক শক্তি। তিনি যেভাবে চেয়েছেন, যা করতে চেয়েছেন, তাই করেননি—করিয়েছেন।