Bangladesh up against Malaysian might

Fresh off a 2-0 win over hosts Oman in the first match of AHF Junior Asia Cup, Bangladesh under-21 hockey team are looking forward to putting up an even better show against strong in their Pool B encounter in Salalah today.

Malaysia are considered as Pool B favourites and an 8-1 thrashing of Uzbekistan in their opening match is evidence of their strength.

However, Bangladesh are confident about putting up a good show as the men in red and green set their sights on a last-four berth in quest of securing a place in FIH Junior World Cup.

"Malaysia are a strong side, who play crisp passing to control the match," said head coach Mamunur Rashid, who articulated the strong and weak points of the Malaysia team by analysing their video footages.

"I instructed the boys to play against Malaysia without any fear or pressure because we don't have anything to lose against them, rather we can achieve something big," said Rashid.

Bangladesh had suffered an 8-0 defeat to the same opposition during the 2015 Junior Asia Cup.


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