Personal Data Protection Law: Door ajar for misuse

In a forward-looking move, the government has set out to form a law for personal data protection fashioned on the EU’s momentous General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it looks to make Bangladesh fit for the digital age.

The end of news as we know it or the dawn of a new era

Do you still buy a daily newspaper? Or perhaps a Sunday paper? If you do either, you are probably aged over 40, and in a dwindling minority in most parts of the world. You may well still look at the news on your phone, perhaps checking the “snippets” that Google News offers you for free. You may watch the news on television or listen to the radio. But you are much less likely to pay for news that your parents were – let alone your grandparents.

Creating diverse, inclusive workplaces: Good practices go a long way

The evidence is compelling: diverse and inclusive workplaces result in increased profitability and performance. Yet, many businesses don’t seem to make diversity and inclusion a priority in the workplace.

A journalist’s greatest gift is bringing positive change to someone’s life

Making a positive difference to someone’s life is the greatest gift a journalist can give. Perhaps an individual is heard for the first time, or an injustice is settled. 

The bigger picture: Malaysia’s gender perspective in Covid recovery

As Malaysia rebounds, it is crucial for a gender perspective in all recovery efforts and policies, say experts. Economically, women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

Recognising invisible work

What if we were paid for all the unpaid work we do at home? This includes caregiving, cleaning, child minding, cooking and so on. Although some may argue that this is part and parcel of our daily lives, the problem arises when it’s overwhelmingly one gender that ends up doing most of this unpaid work.