Tomar Parai Asbo Fire

Channel: ATN Bangla

Script: Dayal Saha

Directed by: B U Shuvo

Cast: Afran Nisho, Zakia Bari Mamo

Amidst the endless array of TV shows and serials trying their best to fit the theme of Pahela Baishakh during every 14th April, there are a few dramas that aim to not follow the trope and simply feature a feel-good story during this special time. Tomar Parai Asbo Fire is such a drama, and while it isn't necessary a "Pahela Baiskakh" natok as far as its theme is concerned, it does manage to be quite an entertaining watch nonetheless. Most of the credit would go to the actors; Afran Nisho and Zakia Bari Mamo, for showing great chemistry between each other and also exhibiting a natural transition from feelings of annoyance to slowly-budding romance. However, in any film or drama, a good story is as important as the acting, so let's jump into what this particular drama was all about.

Zakia Bari Mamo's character is a strong seemingly independent woman who berates on men trying to flirt with her, while Afran Nisho's character is a struggling adult who is having a hard time managing work and daily responsibilities. The unlikely duo meet when Afran Nisho is forced by the bank he works for to make Mamo open a bank account. Through mishap-filled meetings they get to know each other, though Mamo never really gives Nisho a second thought. It is when Mamo needs to run away from her home to avoid getting married that she needs Nisho's help. They eventually end up feigning to be husband and wife to get a house together, and as one would expect, this is where Mamo steadily starts to fall for Nisho, and of course, vice versa.

There is no actual plot twist in this drama. The few final scenes show Nisho getting a promotion that would make him leave the city, and wishing to not go, finally confesses his feelings to Mamo. The drama wraps itself up in a sort of open-ended conclusion; as the viewer never gets to see Mamo confess her feelings as well. But it is highly suggested that the ending is the typical "happily ever after" expected from a feel-good love story such as this. What was really good about Tomar Parai Asbo Fire was that it didn't rely on convenient and random occurrences to make the two main characters fall in love. Mamo's initial dislike for Nisho, which slowly but effectively turned into affection and admiration, was quite visible throughout the plot progression. While the premise and the overall story might seem very common if given a second thought, the transition of the characters and the development they went through both in life and with each other was definitely commendable. All these positive traits truly made Tomar Parai Asbo Fire an enjoyable watch.


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