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  • Femme Fabulous - TarIn Jahan

    I have to put on several layers of makeup every day, so I take extra care of my skin. First, I gently rub my skin with olive oil or Johnson's Baby Lotion as they suit my skin. Then I use skin toner or Boots Cleansing Lotion to clean and moisturize my face. I use Neutrogena Daily Scrub and Face-wash or Biotique Honey Gel to wash my face. During summer I use ice-cubes before heading out. It helps to block the

  • Femme Fabulous -Sharmin Sultana Sumi

    After a long day of work, Sumi goes back home and cleanses her face of all the makeup. She uses The Body Shop Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and makeup. Since she has oily skin, after cleansing her skin she prefers to keep it bare and just let it breathe. However, she occasionally uses the Johnson's Baby Cream as a moisturizer. She likes to follow the same routine in the morning before going to office as well.

  • Femme Fabulous - Sadika Parvin Popy

    Being one of the leading actresses in the country, Popy has a very hectic schedule, thus she has to wear makeup almost every day all day. One of the most important steps in her skin care regime is to make sure that she cleans her skin really well. After a day of shooting, she comes back home and uses the Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser to remove her makeup. Popy has very sensitive skin and

  • Popular Actress Apu Biswas

    Femme Fabulous - Apu Biswas

    After an entire day of shooting, Apu Biswas makes sure to remove all the makeup from her face really well. She uses the Boots Cucumber Facial Wash to cleanse her skin after removing all the makeup by using Boots Eye Makeup Remover Gel. Then she uses the Bioderma Exfoliating Purifying Gel to scrub her face. Afterwards she again cleanses her skin using the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser and follows the routine using the serum, toner, eye cream and night cream from the same range. In the morning, she replaces the night cream with day cream but otherwise follows the same routine.

  • Oyshee

    After a long day of work, Oyshee removes all the makeup using a face-wash that contains milk extracts as it helps to remove the makeup really well and at the same time soothes the skin. After the skin is completely clean of all impurities and makeup, she uses the Beauty Formula Facial Scrub using activated charcoal. Finally she uses aloe vera gel as moisturizer and then goes to sleep. For her morning skincare

  • Femme Fabulous - Purnima

    Purnima starts her skincare regime by removing all traces of makeup using makeup wipes and olive oil. She starts with her cheeks and then removes makeup one area after another. She leaves her eyes for the last because it is usually the eyes that contain the most amount of makeup and thus needs a more rigorous cleaning. Once her skin is completely clean of all makeup, she rubs ice cubes on her face to help

  • Femme Fabulous - Zinat Sanu Swagata

    After a hectic day of shooting, Badhon starts her skin care regime by cleansing her skin really well. She makes sure to get rid of all traces of makeup and impurities by first using olive oil and then washing her face with face wash. Once her skin is completely clean, she uses the Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream. She also likes the Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer. When starting her day, she

  • Femme Fabulous Pooja Sengupta

    Pooja believes that in order to look good, it is very important to have healthy and good skin. Therefore, she always tries to keep her skin as clean as possible. After a day of shooting, she comes back home and cleanses her skin rigorously by using the Body Shop Cucumber Cleansing Milk and a face wash from the same range. Once her skin is completely clean, she uses the Boots Essential Cucumber Toner and then

  • Femme Fabulous - Xefer

    Xefer follows a very simple skincare regime. She starts her day by cleansing her face and then applying the Lumene Day Moisturizer Spf 15. She also likes moisturizers by The Body Shop and Innisfree. She tries to avoid the sun as much as possible as the UV rays of the sun can be very damaging to her skin. However, on days where she has to stay out in the sun, she makes sure to apply a sunscreen to keep her skin

  • Femme Fabulous - Azmeri Asha

    Asha starts her skincare regime by removing all traces of makeup using the Body Shop Chamomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. Once all the makeup is gone, she uses the Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facewash to further remove any impurities.