Kornia being a busy person follows a simple skin care routine. After coming home from shows and shoots, she wipes off her makeup using BIODERMA makeup remover wipes for face and eyes.

Femme Fabulous - Srabonno Towhida

Srabonno has a busy schedule and likes keeping her skincare routine brief, but effective. She has genetically clear skin and thus, doesn't need to dedicate a lot of time to take care of it.


Beauty comes from within and Humaira Khan is the beacon of effortless beauty. She follows a philosophy rather than a beauty regime to look youthful and fresh.

Femme Fabulous / Sumona Hasan

Sumona has a mixed skin type which is mostly oily. Thus all her attempts to care for her skin mostly aim to keeping this oil away. In order to maintain an oil-free skin

Femme Fabulous: Afroza Parveen

“Cleanliness is the key to beauty”- a motto Afroza always believes and acts according to. She may sometimes try to take a short cut, but for her, cleanliness and hygiene are a must!

Femme Fabulous - Nahila Hedayet

Nahila, being a beauty expert herself, is very conscious about her skin. To start with, she uses the SK-II Oil Based Makeup Remover to wipe away her daily makeup.


After a long day of shoot, Raba comes back home and removes all the makeup using Moroccan Argan Oil Cleansing Facial Wipes followed by a Cleanser from Simple® Skincare.

Aneeka Bushra

Aneeka's skin type is dry and sensitive, the two greatest foes of skin together. Moisturizer is thus the confidant her skin greatly relies on. Aneeka's beauty regime is all about organic ingredients.


According to Mousumi Nag, a nutritious diet contributes to a healthy and radiant skin. She believes beauty comes from within and removing makeup thoroughly is a must for her in order to maintain healthy skin.

Moushumi Hamid

Moushumi Hamid has sensitive skin thus she needs to be pretty meticulous about her skin care routine. As soon as she comes back home from shooting

Ratna Gulzar

Ratna Gulzar barely wears makeup and believes simplicity is the key to flawless beauty. She prefers using organic coconut oil to wipe her makeup off...

Jaya Ahsan

Jaya Ahsan, the Bengali Aphrodite is the embodiment of glamour and elegance. The beguiling beauty is as awe-inspiring off-stage as she is on screen. In a recent interview with Star Showbiz, Jaya reveals the secrets behind her bewitching beauty.

Femme Fabulous - Fahmida Nabi

Fahimida Nabi is old school when it comes to taking care of her skin and hair and thus, prefers natural alternatives to the chemical based products. After a day of shooting, she comes back home and removes all her makeup using coconut oil.


Nipun starts of her skincare regime by removing all the makeup with olive oil first and then uses Bioderma Purifying Foaming Gel to further remove all impurities from her face. Then she wipes her face with a warm wet towel and air dries it. Finally before going to bed, she uses the Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Night Cream.

Rubaiyet Kabir Rabita

Amidst the thousands of chemical beauty enhancing products occupying the cosmetic industry, Rabita's skin care regime consists mostly of herbal and home-made recipes. Being a beautician cum makeup artist she knows how essential it is to use a moisturizer before applying make-up and also to remove all the makeup properly

Akhi Alamgir

Akhi Alamgir has very sensitive skin and due to the nature of her work she needs to take extra care of her skin to keep it healthy and blemish free. After a day of shoot, she comes back home and removes all the makeup using Johnson's Baby Oil. Then she uses the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap to cleanse her skin further and uses