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  • Laila Khair

    Laila Khair believes, right skin care routine along with some healthy habits, are the keys to achieving a flawless, hydrated, and youthful skin.


    Beauty comes from within and Humaira Khan is the beacon of effortless beauty. She follows a philosophy rather than a beauty regime to look youthful and fresh.

  • Ishrat Zaheen Ahmed

    Ishrat believes that our skin deserves to be treated and pampered well and she never compromises when it comes to her skincare routine.

  • Moeena Haque

    According to Moeena true beauty lies in simplicity. She prefers organic and herbal products when it comes to her daily skin care routine.


    After a long day of shoot, Raba comes back home and removes all the makeup using Moroccan Argan Oil Cleansing Facial Wipes followed by a Cleanser from Simple® Skincare.

  • Aneeka Bushra

    Aneeka's skin type is dry and sensitive, the two greatest foes of skin together. Moisturizer is thus the confidant her skin greatly relies on. Aneeka's beauty regime is all about organic ingredients.


    According to Mousumi Nag, a nutritious diet contributes to a healthy and radiant skin. She believes beauty comes from within and removing makeup thoroughly is a must for her in order to maintain healthy skin.

  • Moushumi Hamid

    Moushumi Hamid has sensitive skin thus she needs to be pretty meticulous about her skin care routine. As soon as she comes back home from shooting

  • Ratna Gulzar

    Ratna Gulzar barely wears makeup and believes simplicity is the key to flawless beauty. She prefers using organic coconut oil to wipe her makeup off...

  • Jaya Ahsan Skin Care

    Jaya Ahsan

    Jaya Ahsan, the Bengali Aphrodite is the embodiment of glamour and elegance. The beguiling beauty is as awe-inspiring off-stage as she is on screen. In a recent interview with Star Showbiz, Jaya reveals the secrets behind her bewitching beauty.

  • Sumona Hasan

    Sumona has a mixed skin type which is mostly oily. Thus all her attempts to care for her skin mostly aim to keeping this oil away. In order to maintain an oil-free skin

  • Femme Fabulous: Afroza Parveen

    “Cleanliness is the key to beauty”- a motto Afroza always believes and acts according to. She may sometimes try to take a short cut, but for her, cleanliness and hygiene are a must!

  • Femme Fabulous: Shamim Ara Nipa

    Skin care is an integral part of her life among all the heavy makeup and over-use of cosmetics. So removing makeup thoroughly is a must for her in order to maintain

  • Femme Fabulous: Esha Rushdi

    Skin care means a lot to Esha Rushdi but the routine of care is utterly simple. She has to put make up almost everyday as her place of work is itself the beauty industry.

  • Femme Fabulous: Tania Ahmed

    Tania believes having clean skin is very important. Therefore, she tries her best to keep it as clean as possible. She uses the Boots Essentials Cucumber Cleansing Lotion to cleanse her skin.

  • Femme Fabulous - Sadia Moyeen

    Sadia Moyeen believes that cleansing, moisturizing and protecting are the 3 secrets to beautiful skin, which is why she follows these steps religiously. Every night after coming back home, she makes sure to clean her skin well with Johnson and Johnson's Baby Lotion.

  • Femme Fabulous - Toma Mirza

    Toma Mirza made her debut in the showbiz industry with the movie 'Mone Boro Kosto' in 2009. She never had to look behind since then. Toma played the female lead in many popular movies including 'O Amar Desher Mati', but her excellent performance as supporting actor in 'Nodijon' and 'Ek Mon Ek Pran' garnered much appreciation from the audiences. She won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film 'Nodijon' in 2015.

  • Femme Fabulous - Nahila Hedayet

    Nahila, being a beauty expert herself, is very conscious about her skin. To start with, she uses the SK-II Oil Based Makeup Remover to wipe away her daily makeup.

  • Femme Fabulous: Bonna Mirza

    Bonna Mirza believes having clean skin is the secret to beautiful, youthful looking skin. This is why she has made it her top priority to keep her skin as clean as possible.

  • Bidya Sinha Mim

    After coming back home from shooting, Mim uses wipes to initially remove the makeup. After all traces of makeup is removed from her face, she uses the Chanel Rick Foaming Cream Cleanser to further remove any impurities from her face.

  • Femme Fabulous - Fahmida Nabi

    Fahimida Nabi is old school when it comes to taking care of her skin and hair and thus, prefers natural alternatives to the chemical based products. After a day of shooting, she comes back home and removes all her makeup using coconut oil.

  • Nipun

    Nipun starts of her skincare regime by removing all the makeup with olive oil first and then uses Bioderma Purifying Foaming Gel to further remove all impurities from her face. Then she wipes her face with a warm wet towel and air dries it. Finally before going to bed, she uses the Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Night Cream.

  • Rubaiyet Kabir Rabita

    Amidst the thousands of chemical beauty enhancing products occupying the cosmetic industry, Rabita's skin care regime consists mostly of herbal and home-made recipes. Being a beautician cum makeup artist she knows how essential it is to use a moisturizer before applying make-up and also to remove all the makeup properly

  • Popular Bangladeshi singer Akhi Alamgir

    Akhi Alamgir

    Akhi Alamgir has very sensitive skin and due to the nature of her work she needs to take extra care of her skin to keep it healthy and blemish free. After a day of shoot, she comes back home and removes all the makeup using Johnson's Baby Oil. Then she uses the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap to cleanse her skin further and uses

  • Femme Fabulous - Bubly

    Being one of the most famous and stylish actors of the current lot, Bubly is very meticulous about skin care. She starts her day with the Chanel Foaming Mousse Cleanser. Once her skin is completely clean, she applies Shiseido Moisturizing Gel Cream and leaves the house. At night after completing shooting and coming back home, the first thing she does is remove her makeup with the L'Oréal Gentle Lip and Eye

  • Femme Fabulous - TarIn Jahan

    I have to put on several layers of makeup every day, so I take extra care of my skin. First, I gently rub my skin with olive oil or Johnson's Baby Lotion as they suit my skin. Then I use skin toner or Boots Cleansing Lotion to clean and moisturize my face. I use Neutrogena Daily Scrub and Face-wash or Biotique Honey Gel to wash my face. During summer I use ice-cubes before heading out. It helps to block the

  • Femme Fabulous -Sharmin Sultana Sumi

    After a long day of work, Sumi goes back home and cleanses her face of all the makeup. She uses The Body Shop Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and makeup. Since she has oily skin, after cleansing her skin she prefers to keep it bare and just let it breathe. However, she occasionally uses the Johnson's Baby Cream as a moisturizer. She likes to follow the same routine in the morning before going to office as well.

  • Femme Fabulous - Sadika Parvin Popy

    Being one of the leading actresses in the country, Popy has a very hectic schedule, thus she has to wear makeup almost every day all day. One of the most important steps in her skin care regime is to make sure that she cleans her skin really well. After a day of shooting, she comes back home and uses the Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser to remove her makeup. Popy has very sensitive skin and

  • Popular Actress Apu Biswas

    Femme Fabulous - Apu Biswas

    After an entire day of shooting, Apu Biswas makes sure to remove all the makeup from her face really well. She uses the Boots Cucumber Facial Wash to cleanse her skin after removing all the makeup by using Boots Eye Makeup Remover Gel. Then she uses the Bioderma Exfoliating Purifying Gel to scrub her face. Afterwards she again cleanses her skin using the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser and follows the routine using the serum, toner, eye cream and night cream from the same range. In the morning, she replaces the night cream with day cream but otherwise follows the same routine.

  • Oyshee

    After a long day of work, Oyshee removes all the makeup using a face-wash that contains milk extracts as it helps to remove the makeup really well and at the same time soothes the skin. After the skin is completely clean of all impurities and makeup, she uses the Beauty Formula Facial Scrub using activated charcoal. Finally she uses aloe vera gel as moisturizer and then goes to sleep. For her morning skincare