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Doyel's Fighting Spirit

As a single parent,model and actor, Doyel has to face new challenges every day. In this interview with Rafi Hossain, she opens up about parenthood, her career and her future plans.

Rafi Hossain: Welcome to Uncensored with Rafi Hossain. Today we have with us, the popular model and actor, Doyel. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and talk to us. Tell me, are you very busy these days?

Doyel: I am working on a few projects now, but not very busy. However, my schedule for the next few months is pretty tightly packed.

Rafi: There is a very important issue that needs to be brought to light; you faced a lot of problems for being a single mother. Can you tell us about the issues you faced?

Doyel: I have been a single mother for quite some time now. When I first became a single parent, I knew that I would face a lot of difficulties. I'm very grateful that my family was very supportive. Now that my son is growing up, he goes to school and out to play. Unfortunately, many parents make crude remarks about me being a single mother. I have stopped paying heed to what they say, as I will raise my child to the best of my abilities. However, I keep wondering, if I have to go through all these unpleasant situations for being a single mother, how are we empowering women to be independent in this country?

Rafi: So, your son was not admitted to a school because you are a single mother?

Doyel: You need to show your bank statement to admit your child to a school. But the thing is, my profession is modelling, so we mostly get paid via cash. I couldn’t show my bank statement, as I didn't get paid through the bank. They didn't admit my son because of that. I could have paid the school fee properly, but they refused his admission. He is now going to another school, and the principal had known that I could not show my bank statement, yet was okay with it. I pay the tuition fees on time, and now, am sending my son to a good English Medium school to ensure a better future for him. When I tried to admit my son to the school, they asked me to bring his father to the interview. I am a single mother and am doing everything for my son. Why should I bring his father to the interview?

Rafi: How did your modelling career begin?

Doyel: My first modelling project was in 2014. Kabir bhai from Prothom Alo knew me, and would occasionally ask me to come for shoots. But, I never agreed because I only wanted to model for covers. One day, he gave me a call and asked me to shoot a cover for Doyel Silk. After that, I went to their office and did the photoshoot. Soon enough, I started doing canvas cover shoots.

Rafi: Were you very specific about starting as a cover model?

Doyel: Yes, I always insisted that I either be a cover model or not be involved in this industry at all.

Rafi: You did TVCs and acting roles besides modelling and also did a film before doing television dramas, right?

Doyel: Yes, I did a film before doing television dramas. I did a film with Nasir Uddin Yousuf Bacchu called, Alpha. It was a very daring move, and people occasionally ask me about how I could do something this courageous. But the thing is, I have always wanted my career to go down this path, so there is nothing daring here.

Rafi: Aren't you afraid about what people might think?

Doyel: Not at all. Ever since my childhood, I have learnt not to pay attention to any negative thing people might say about me. The thing is, I faced a lot of struggles in my life, and I learnt to overcome them. For many women in our society, you have to establish yourself after marriage. Otherwise you will face a lot of problems. Society will not help you, you have to work for yourself. This was my first profession, so I had no earning sources, other than this. Another thing is, the people who used to talk about me behind my back before, come to my house, invite me to all the family programmes and take photos with me now. Honestly, I don’t blame them.

Rafi: So, the success you have achieved, it made things a lot easier for you?

Doyel: Definitely, it has made things a lot easier and has solved a lot of my problems. I always believed in myself. I have faith that I will be able to do everything that I have ever wanted to do.

Rafi: What exactly do you want to do in the future?

Doyel: I want to be a successful female entrepreneur. The thing is, everyone faces problems, but only those who have enough willpower to overcome the struggles, can become successful.

Rafi: Tell me, when you first joined Bacchu bhai, did it not seem like too much of a risk?

Doyel: I am very straightforward. When I first went there, I asked them what I have to do. They gave me a script, and I let them know that if they wanted me, I was willing to join the cast. The character I played was not someone people would encounter in their regular lives. I enjoy taking on risky roles. And when I do different characters that might be risky, I enjoy the experience.

Rafi: Which do you enjoy more, modelling or acting?

Doyel: I really enjoy both. I can continue acting even after I am no longer glamorous. Modelling on the other hand, I can just have photos taken and see myself in TVCs and advertisements instantly. Say, I am watching something on television, and suddenly I can just see myself during the advertisements. There is a different kind of thrill because of that. I also really enjoy doing ramp modelling.

Rafi: People have been spreading a lot of gossip about the modelling scene. How much of that gossip is true?

Doyel: Most of the gossip people spread are not true. Models represent the brands and when we wear a piece of clothing on the ramp, many people go out and buy those clothes. So, people are very eager to know about our personal lives. Many assume that there is some easy way to achieve success by doing less than respectable things. But the truth could not be further from that. It all depends on what track you are on. I never came across issues like that. If someone is determined to stay on the right path, they will manage to do so.

Rafi: What tips would you give to upcoming artists?

Doyel: The road to success is very rough. It is up to you to make the road smooth. If you follow the proper path to success, you will achieve it and be respected. If you remain dedicated and punctual, it is very easily achievable. I think modelling is a very good profession now, as a lot of new opportunities are opening up.

Rafi: Thank you Doyel. It was great talking to you and learning about your fighter's spirit. Do you have any parting message for the audience?

Doyel: Thank you so much. I am very honoured to be able to be in this position. I am very grateful to The Daily Star for supporting me, and I want everyone to remember that in this world, nothing is impossible.


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