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  • Ridwan Intisaar Mahbub

  • Topu

    My love and passion for music is what inspired me. I never thought that I would be recognized as a singer and never thought about fame when it came to music.
  • Amit's Ambitions

    Emerging actor Amit Sinha has made a name for himself in the showbiz industry with his entertaining performance in the popular mega TV series, ‘Saat Bhai Champa’. In this candid interview with Rafi Hossain, Amit talks about his love for acting and his future plans.
  • Chit-Chat with Iresh Zaker

    Probably going to the airport with my grandfather. My grandfather used to be in the army at the time. So, we used to walk from Dhanmondi to the old airport. We used to go to the viewing deck, and he would show me all the different planes and vehicles.
  • Zohad Reza Chowdhury

    Zohad Reza Chowdhury is the enigmatic frontman of the renowned band, 'Nemesis'. In an interview with Star Showbiz, he shares the story of his musical journey.
  • Taron Egerton Actually Singing in 'Rocketman'!

    With biopics being all the rage, director Dexter Fletcher is making one about the life of renowned musician, Elton John. The film titled, Rocketman will star Taron Egerton.