EXO's 'The War' – An Honest Review by a K-pop Fangirl

If you have heard of K-pop, you must be familiar with the term “EXO”. EXO is one of the most popular boy groups in K-pop. They debuted in 2012 with 12 members, and now have 9.

Blonde on Blonde

The album is one of the first double albums in the history of rock music, which starts with the song “Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35”. The song is good enough to confirm the high status of the first disc.

Review / Blood on the Tracks

Starting from the opening track of the album “Tangled Up In Blue”, Bob Dylan started a new journey of redefined work. The ten songs represent deception, heartache, regret and loneliness.

Samira’s Desk / Representing Bangladesh in World Music Day 2016

A true artist who lives and breathes music has represented Bangladesh in World Music Day 2016, held at the Indian Museum in Kolkata recently.

A Chat With Oyshee

My latest album titled “Maya” is out now in celebration of the Noboborsho. The music director was Belal Khan and the songs are “Maya”, “Ochin Taan”, “Naalish”, “Din-e Din-e” and “Ari”.

A Chat With Zooel Morshed

My first album, “Ekla Prothom,” was released back in 2010 and the song “Bol Tui Amaye Chere Kothaye Jabi,” which I composed myself...

Flash Review / Dream Theater's The Astonishing

Being Dream Theater, of course, this is no 'ordinary' double album. Instead, what you get is a 34-track, two-act, two-hour concept record set in a "retro-futurist, post-apocalyptic dystopia ruled by medieval style futurism".

Album Review / Adele's 25

Adele is back and after a three-year absence, the BRIT school graduate sang a tentative “Hello, it's me” on her comeback single...

Iron Maiden's The Book Of Souls

Iron Maiden transcend their own music. The elaborate live productions, the ubiquitous merch, and the iconic visage of “Eddie” are as much a part of the Iron Maiden aesthetic as Steve Harris' galloping bass lines and Bruce Dickinson's scream.


Trance may be a relatively new genre, but its fan following shows that this new flavour of music isnt going to disappear anytime soon.