Date ideas within your budget

At this point, going on a date at a restaurant is just not that fun anymore. The fancy restaurant dates on TV might look appealing, but we all know that everyone here just ends up going to the same burger place. But, don't you worry! You might not have the chance to take your significant other out on a fancy date under a gazebo but there are far better places where you guys can go.


The whole point of a date is getting to know that person and grocery shopping is hands down the best way to know a person. You get to find out if they're vegan, health buffs, or a child trapped in the body of an adult (if they buy tons of junk foods). Now, if you're at a restaurant and you ask your date what they like to eat the most, they could very easily order an unpronounceable French dish in order to impress you. But, if you take them grocery shopping, there will be no lies. No one will pay money for a food item they don't like and as a result you can start a healthy relationship built on truth. It might not be built on trust but it will be built on truth.


Hop onto your car and go to the place most prone to traffic. Sitting in traffic for hours on end is a scientifically proven way to get to know how a person behaves under stressful conditions. This is the perfect second date. After you've figured out your partner's likes and dislikes by taking them grocery shopping, this is your chance to find how they handle difficult situation. It's amazing to watch their transformation from a calm and level-headed person into a monster.


Nothing's more romantic than a date under the stars and you can't go to your own rooftop because you might get caught. Hence, your friend's rooftop it is. Now, there might be aunties watching from the neighbouring rooftops, little kids playing around, and rows of washed cloths lined up all over the place; but, it's still pretty romantic.


Now, hear me out. This is the last place your parents will suspect. So, you can properly spend time with your significant other without having your mom call you every 5 minutes asking about your whereabouts. Learning some geometry on the side is a huge plus.

Tasnim Odrika is having an existential crisis and doesn't really know who she is anymore. Send her compliments at [email protected]


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