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  • Tasnim Odrika

  • Why call it a “chick flick”?

    Why do we need to use an extra adjective with a negative connotation to describe comedy movies with a female protagonist/cast?
  • Where is the music?

    For a while, fans were satisfied with listening to their favourite music on online platforms. Now it is a question if artists are able to retain that connection with fanbases.
  • What is oomph?

    "I just don't think there is any 'oomph' between us, you know?"
  • Graphic Design Is My Passion.

    What is graphic designing? Although it's a term we hear often, most of us are unaware of what graphic designing actually is and what a job in this field really entails.
  • The Lores of Folklore

    On June 23, Taylor Swift announced the release of Folklore and in less than 24 hours, she rolled out the album for the public to devour.