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  • Tasnim Odrika

  • The Background

    The fading away seemed palpable to me. It was a tangible rope on a continuous journey of gliding away. A force pushing me back while I tried to hold on until at one point I slipped way back into the background.
  • Music of summer days and winter nights

    Embers in Snow is the solo musical project of singer/songwriter Rakat Zami who has been a part of the underground indie scene of Bangladesh for about a decade now.
  • Have we been kind to our teachers?

    What we fail to acknowledge here is the side of the teachers who are actually faced with these circumstances with little to no previous knowledge as to how to deal with these situations. Our present state is just as new to the teachers as it is to the students.
  • Hashtags

    The first-ever conference for hashtags is held to give them a chance to meet old friends and make new ones, mingle, betray, and network. Our coverage of the conference begins with a conversation among some influential hashtags. Enjoy.
  • Our fight with pandemics

    Throughout history, time and again outbreaks have taken populations by surprise but human beings have always been able to walk out of the other end, although not completely unscathed but with new lessons that have helped them fight their next battle with the invisible enemy.