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  • 1st International Conference on Love & Various Emotions (ICLoVE 2020)

    Days one and two consisted of keynote presentations exploring romance of all depths from different angles, with discussions and potential solutions to some critical problems.
  • The art of doing nothing

    The answer I found later was stuck in my strict itinerary. It was organised in such a way that during the whole trip, I was always doing something. There was rarely a moment I left for myself to relax by a beach or just read a book by the moonlight.
  • Why you should read travelogues

    Before I mention why you should read travelogues, let’s go over why travelogues are read in the first place. Travelogues are basically short travel stories.
  • Midnight Train

    Every day at 3 AM I’d see her. She’d be in the second compartment of the subway sitting with her legs crossed with a book in her hand. Always with a book in her hand. She’d sit so perfectly and so still, you’d mistake her for a china doll. If she did not occasionally flip the pages of her book, I would actually think so. Even when she flipped the pages she’d do so with the utmost grace.
  • Double shot espresso

    I hadn’t slept for days and I could feel my body finally giving in and drifting away. It felt like I was in a dream when I heard the phone ring. I patiently waited for the ringing to stop then closed my eyes. It hurt to even keep them open at this point. But, there it was