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  • Why I love romantic comedies

    If you tell someone that you're a fan of the romance genre, the worst that can happen is that the person will take you for a hopeless romantic, which, to be honest, isn't even a bad thing. But, God forbid anyone ever finds out that you like romantic comedies.
  • My best friend and I

    No kid is happy without a best friend and I'm especially glad for mine. She's not really the type of person anyone would be friends with but I love her nonetheless. The best part of my day is the evening when I play with her at the rooftop. No, she doesn't go to school with me. I actually don't even know which school she goes to or whether she goes to a school at all. She never discusses these matters with me. You see,
  • First world woes and worries

    I know I only come to you when I have to rant but today was truly the worst day of my life. The entire day just started on a bad note. I woke up to find that I didn't plug in my charger properly last night and so my phone wasn't charged. So, I had to resort to using my power bank to charge my phone instead, since I had to leave the house.
  • Of video games and great visuals

    The movie “Ready Player One” is set in a dystopian future. In the year 2045, much of the world is left in ruins and by that time humanity has accepted the fact that it would not be able to change this. As an escape from this harsh reality, everyone spends their time inside the virtual reality software, OASIS. The place is named so because inside the place you can be anyone you want to be, do anything you want to do, and go anywhere you want to go.
  • An Avengers Fight: As Told By Civilians

    The existence of the Avengers is no longer a fairytale. They are here to protect us from the evil forces residing in the universe. We are already more or less familiar with their stories. But, what about the civilians on the sidelines who have to witness and endure the frequent chaos and destruction? These are their stories.