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  • Daring to dream for a better world

    “My parents were eager to get me married right after my SSC examination but I resisted. Now they are both very proud of the work I do for my community,”
  • Chobi Mela (0): Redefining photo festivals for the post-COVID era

    The Drik-Path building peeks into the sky in the middle of the busy commercial area of Panthapath, Dhaka. This is where Chobi Mela Shunno (0) is taking place this year.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Its Message About Crazies

    “Crazy” is a word that we throw around quite often without ever putting much thought into it. This is where the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend swoops in to the scene to redefine the word and also remind us of the importance of mental health and seeking help when you need it.
  • Going cashless for a day

    In the middle of an ongoing pandemic, the use of cash transactions imposes various risks. I have found it very difficult to switch to completely cashless transactions.
  • The Art of Parenting

    For such an important job as parenting, can we afford to learn it on the spot?