Learning a new skill is never easy, but it need not be that difficult either.

The struggle with learning a new skill starts right away if you don't stick to your initial plan and practise it as you intended to. Things get harder when you start drifting away from the commitment of learning the new skill entirely.

But having said that, is it not our fault for failing to stick to a schedule and practise this skill or at least commit to it?

Not necessarily. I personally feel it's all about how interested we are in learning that skill or how important that skill is for our professional or personal growth. For instance, if that skill is a must-have for a job we're doing, we can't but commit to it, even forcefully at times if necessary. So, at the end of the day, if you're failing to commit to learning a new skill or something new in general, rethink your reasons why you wanted to learn in the first place. Maybe you'll rediscover the purpose.