“Bom Dia!” from the east coast of Africa

Mozambique was where I became aware of conservation issues.

Believe in yourself

For the past four months, I have been living in an unknown country, in an unknown city without any familiar faces around me. So I do sometimes ask myself, why did I come?

The Common Personalities in a Trip v.2.0

It's been one and a half years since I wrote the original “Common Personalities in a Trip”. Trips came in abundance since then, and so did an array of new personalities to ponder about.


Ever since I saw the silhouettes of the Himalayan peaks during my last trip to Nepal, I've been taken over by this deep fascination for mountains and a dream of going higher and closer to the sky. It was a dream I was persistent to conquer and thus, I spent all my savings in doing so.

Travelling For the First Time with Friends

Chances are that the marked date on your calendar will one day no longer trigger a sigh of failure from you, or those

EXPLORE / Seasons Under the Sun

You don't know freedom until you've been repeatedly refused a trip to Cox's Bazar with your friends and then have been allowed a trip to Italy completely unsupervised, all by yourself.

Base Camp

With every new eatery cropping up in Dhaka city, our sources of entertainment leans a little more towards eating out.


Graduating is a tricky place to be in. Although you can't stop gloating about the fact that you're done, leaving behind your friends and carefree days is just plain depressing.

Moinot Ghat: Quick Escape for the Bored Dhakaite

Moinot Ghat as a day trip destination for Dhakaites has been garnering quite some popularity for the last several months.


There are some good things about this season, like the one week winter vacation which is all about rooftop BBQ parties with friends and cousins and maybe even a short trip to somewhere within the country.

Google Street View Tourism

If you've spent your vacations envying those who got to travel to exotic places or if you're too broke to satiate your wanderlust, then this is for you. This is a great way to kill boredom and also to procrastinate.

Water sports at Cox's Bazar

I could never understand how the clear blue skies and the white-fringed waves bore someone. But on my trip to Cox's Bazar with friends that spanned out for almost a week, my eyes got tired of staring at the endless blue.

Day Trip: Panam Nagar, Mayadeep and Meghna

Often the craving for an outing after a tiresome week results in utter disappointment, since all the popular places are either too far, require more money or time than you're willing to spend.

Aarial Beel & Mawa

The suffocating summer heat taking its toll on you? Stuck at home doing nothing during the long hours of relentless rains?

The Friendly Turks

Istanbul, Turkey, is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


Located inside the shaal and gojari woods, Nuhash Palli was the late Humayun Ahmed's sanctuary.