I never intend to pull an all-nighter. It's just that some nights, the hours fly but things don't come together.  

Work. Sometimes it's just lots and lots of work. Sometimes I'm too exhausted to move, so I'll sit on the floor and think in circles about all that needs to be done.

Once you notice the room softly glowing because of the light entering from behind the curtains, you know you're done. There's no hitting your pillow tonight.

But it's not all bad. You don't have to undergo the painstaking exercise of dragging yourself out of your bed to the tune of whatever unfortunate noise you have set as your alarm.   

That tune is absolutely a trigger for me now. One of you should come up with a random alarm tune generator so the rest of us aren't prepared for what noise is about to wake us up the next morning. Constant vigilance.


কীভাবে শত কোটি টাকার বাজেট এখন লাখো কোটি টাকা

বাজেট কী? দেশের আয়-ব্যয় নির্বাহ এবং উন্নয়ন ব্যয়ের টাকার জোগান দিতে বাজেটের প্রচলন শুরু হলো কবে থেকে?