The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are currently underway. As I write this, the US has the most medals, while China has the most gold medals.

We've sadly never won at the Olympics. In fact we're the most populated country to never have won at any sport. Now that you have several Olympic related facts at your disposal, you can make of this what you will.

In today's issue, we talk about the turbulence many of our own athletes face on their journeys to pursue sports. We also talk about how our schooling system treats its female athletes from a young age. You can also take a cool quiz to figure out which Olympic sport you would have excelled at. 

This is not a themed issue. This is not not a themed issue.



কীভাবে শত কোটি টাকার বাজেট এখন লাখো কোটি টাকা

বাজেট কী? দেশের আয়-ব্যয় নির্বাহ এবং উন্নয়ন ব্যয়ের টাকার জোগান দিতে বাজেটের প্রচলন শুরু হলো কবে থেকে?