Looking ahead to the 2015 New York International Auto Show

Lexus 2016 RX
Lexus teases the 2016 RX: The new RX is expected to have a coupe inspired look. Photo: Lexus/AFP

This year's New York show is expected to be bigger than Detroit for new model unveilings and will have a greater mass-market focus in terms of cars on show than the Geneva show that only closed its doors to the public two weeks ago. And of course, being a North American show, there are going to be a host of new US cars on show.

Home-grown stars

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited of those will be the Cadillac CT6, the luxury marque's new flagship and the first one that really could give Europe's finest -- the S Class Mercedes and BMW 7 Series -- a run for their money.

Chevrolet will be showing off the Malibu, which promises more cabin space and a hybrid powertrain; a new full electric vehicle based on its recent the Bolt concept; a second-generation Volt -- its plug-in hybrid town car; plus a new version of the Spark, its tiny supermini.

SUVs and crossovers

Stepping up in terms of size and ground clearance, a number of crossovers and SUVs, both foreign and domestic, will also be making a first official appearance when the doors of the Javits Center open to the public on April 3.

Mercedes will be parading the GLE, the replacement for the ML luxury six-seat SUV, and Lexus will be unwrapping its equally refined RX, the teaser images for which suggest that it will be a coupe-styled rather than boxy crossover looking to challenge the BMW X6.

Mitsubishi will be showing off the production version of the Outlander, its family-sized futuristic SUV, and Hyundai the real-world version of its smaller Tuscon crossover. Still, most eyes will be over on the Land Rover stand, where two new premium off-roaders are making their global debuts.

The first, The Range Rover Sport HST, is a new model within the existing range that brings unique performance and handling characteristics -- thanks to a different chassis set up and a new 3-litre supercharged V6 engine -- along with some new active safety and creature comfort features.

McLaren 570S
The McLaren 570S features a flying buttress design: McLaren has been teasing its latest supercar for for almost a whole year. Photo: McLaren Automotive/AFP

The second is simply described as the "most luxurious Range Rover" the company has ever built and took everyone by surprise when it was teased on Tuesday.


Ford has confirmed that the crazy Focus RS it unveiled in Geneva for the European market -- 315bhp and four-wheel-drive -- is also going to be on show in New York, and therefore will be going on sale in the US later this year.

Mazda has announced that it will be unveiling a more aggressive Club Sport version of its MX5 Miata drop-top roadster.

Range Rover
Land Rover teases new Range Rover alongside new Jaguar XF - Land Rover teased the existance of the new Range Rover with a single aerial image. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover/AFP

Potentially the biggest sportscar reveal of the event will be the new McLaren. The supercar company has been teasing it for 12 months and with less than a week to go before the show proper, the company confirmed that the new car will be called the 570S because it has 570PS (562hp) and will be the first of three models under a new Sports Series range.


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