Nation building Covid-22 style: Separate the rich from the poor

Countries around the world have decided to take a leaf out of Emotionation's book after a recent study showed how the then under-developed country used the Covid-22 crisis to become an economic powerhouse in 15 years.

Emotionation's main problem was over-population and too many people below the poverty line. When Covid-22 hit, the authorities had first announced a shutdown, but people were still milling around trying to buy essentials. That is when inspiration struck.

Around 20 days into the shutdown, the government announced a curfew from 6:00pm to 6:00am.

"You see, we were killing two birds with one stone," the study by quoted the then health minister's daughter as saying. "It was only the poor who would have to go out to kitchen markets, and come into constant contact with others.

"And because they now had only a 12-hour window to get all their shopping done, the crowding would be much more concentrated than usual. Meanwhile, the rich people could go to superstores in their cars."

When asked how they could get away with it in times where people actually made a fuss about equality, she said it was of course packaged differently then.

"In 2022, our scientists said that Covid-22 could not survive in bright sunlight and was only viable after sunset," she said. "There was one guy who said that we should go the other way and keep shops open 24/7, so that there would be less crowding and also an increase in employment. He obviously didn't get it. What he did get right after coming up with the idea, however, was a bad case of Covid-22, and he unfortunately died."

The upshot of it all was that community transmission went wild in the lower classes, and Emotionation's population decreased significantly. The financially mighty inherited the land and its abundant resources.

"They have sacrificed for us, and there is a memorial made of gold in the city centre. They will not be forgotten," the health minister's daughter said before boarding her Lamborghini Fascia. 

After the study was published, scientists all over the world are working on a highly transmissible virus in order to replicate Emotionation's nation building.

(The article above is a work of pure fiction and satire. Any resemblance with any person, organisation or entity living or dead is purely coincidental.)


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