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  • The two calls that mattered

    It speaks to the health of Bangladesh's current ODI pedigree that what has often been a contentious announcement ahead of World Cups past, there was very little tumult surrounding the squad announcement for the 2019 World Cup in the United Kingdom this summer.
  • MCC drunk on Spirit, but it ain't cricket

    On March 25, Ravichandran Ashwin's unconventional run-out of Jos Buttler in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) reignited
  • And this out of left field

    And this out of left field

    What did we expect? Judging from anecdotal evidence, the noise from fans as well as those in the know speaking off the record -- the
  • Why did we just see the dressing room?

    "I don't care what you write about our performance," a Bangladesh cricketer once said to reporters during an informal chat. "But please leave our personal lives and what we do in the dressing room alone."
  • Is the national team BCB's sole remit?

    The national team is of course the most important facet under the Bangladesh Cricket Board's (BCB's) purview, but by reducing the ban on serial disciplinary offender Sabbir Rahman, the BCB has proven that they are willing to sacrifice everything at the altar of the Tigers' short-term future. The sacrificial lambs are team culture, the long-term disciplinary tradition not just around the team but also at lower levels, the future of Sabbir himself and last but not least, any semblance of professionalism.