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Company offers Cyclone Tourism package starting at Tk 85k++

Photo: Prabir Das

Amoral Travel Agency has announced a brand new, extensive tourism package for people eager to escape the drudgery, grime and anxiety of city life and experience a refreshing change that will wash all of that, and more, away.

With temperatures reaching 40-plus degrees Celsius in the city, have you been dreaming of some rain? Does every cloud in the sky make you hopeful, only for that hope to be dashed by the searing, glaring, daring and uncaring sun peeking out through the clouds, asks the Amoral Travel Agency press release.

Do you wish for the openness of the beaches when the hydraulic horn blasts holes in your eardrum while you sit in traffic? Do you wish for a different kind of sound, like a whoosh whoosh to replace the honk honk?

Most importantly, tired of posting your selfies taken in front of walls, shop windows inside malls, inside restaurants and at random intersections, do you want to post selfies that bear your face and as the background, the full force of nature's powers, the release asks once more.

And do you think life is dull?

"Then we have the package for you!"

Prabir Das

"Starting at Tk 85,000++ for a tour as long as a cyclone lasts, we will offer you excitement, rain, wind, and most of all ... selfies."

The Tk 85,000++ package does not include air fare, hotel fare, food, or security. But there is a treat for those willing to shell out some extra bucks.

"For the Tk 1,00,000++ package, we will throw in a 3,000mAh power bank, because we think about your selfie needs. As the cyclone tears through the shore, trees, buildings, general infrastructure and maybe even you, haha, we know you will need extra battery to power those selfies."

There is also a Tk 1,25,000++ package, and tourists who buy those will be directed, by Amoral Travel Agency personnel marking themselves safe in Dhaka, to a relief centre where tourists can take selfies with shelter seekers in the background.

"All packages come with a free pen to sign documents saying that we are not liable for any property loss, injury, or death.

"Demand is expected to be high, so we advise you start booking the moment the next time a low-pressure system is detected over the Bay of Bengal. To show we mean well, here is a pro trip: you can get the packages right now for 10 percent extra.

"All packages are non-refundable."


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