Living like the poor, paying like the rich

Inflation followed by greedflation followed by shrinkflation – is there no way out of this trap?

Awami League wants us to love DSA. It’s too late now

While the manner in which the DSA is being defended is nothing new, the timing bears significance

Who wants a piece of forest?

Plans to build a prison on forestland show that the country is in environmental free-fall

Ferry disasters: Let’s not sugarcoat institutional murders

It’s like a scene from a Stephen King movie: a small passenger vessel being “devoured” by a cargo ship about 20 times its size.

No, we were already pathetic before Sunny Leone came

If you think the social media tendency to obsess over trivial matters is problematic, be sure to highlight what’s causing it.

When faith is a weapon, don’t be surprised by who wields it

A dramatic turn of events since the March 17 attack on Hindu villagers in Sunamganj’s Shalla Upazila has been reshaping the narrative on the culpability of potential actors and, by extension, the politics of communal violence in Bangladesh.

A Long March to Brutalities

It could have been just another episode in the regular show of police and ruling party men merrily clamping down on the “disturbers of public peace” who love to play with people’s emotions with their pesky ideas and noisy chants of human rights abuses.

Death penalty minus political will to stop rape is just good optics

From harsh legal penalties to severe moral reprimands, from street protests and sit-ins to virtual seminars and teach-ins, from increasing mobilisation and visibilisation of pro-choice activists to critical interventions by state and non-state actors—nothing, and no one, seems to be able to deter the rapists or protect women and children.

We must confront organised violence with organised love

What does it mean to be nonviolent in a world full of horror and chaos, not to mention weapons and instruments of every kind created to inflict pain?

A criminal bucket list: having fools as bosses

Stories of corruption no longer produce the same shock they once did.

We must save the press before coronavirus sinks it

In April, British journalist and author Susie Boniface, in an article for Mirror Online, asked her readers to take a moment to imagine a world in which there is no journalism.

Legacy of Covid-19: The good, the bad and the messy

No, the pandemic is not over—far from it, actually, despite what the ministers might tell you—although at times it does feel like we’ve reached the end.

The Art of Being Tajuddin Ahmad

Nearly half a century after the 1971 War of Liberation, it is perhaps difficult to produce or come across startlingly original ideas about Tajuddin Ahmad.

The ministry of utmost disappointment

The call for defunding police in the US, after the death of George Floyd in police brutality, is one of the most striking messages coming out of what is perhaps the largest civil movement in US history.

My father was an undocumented migrant worker. People like him don’t deserve your scorn

Not long ago, I was watching a webinar on the plight of returning migrant workers streamed live on Facebook by The Daily Star.

End of state-owned jute mills: why close when you can reform?

So it’s official now. The government is going to shut down all 25 state-owned jute mills operated by Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) and lay off about 25,000 workers involved with them.