Big poultry caging small farmers

The decreasing number of poultry farms raise fears that there might be a shortfall in the supply of poultry in the market, pushing the prices up further.

The West should not meddle in Turkey's affairs

Turkey is heading for a run-off election that many international media outlets are terming “knife-edge,” and rightfully so, as vote banks are witnessing an almost 50-50 divide between both Erdogan’s ruling party (AK Party) and CHP’s Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu-led opposition coalition, called the Table of Six.

Myanmar’s hybrid democracy is no democracy at all

The international community is rightfully saying that the junta is using legal instruments to gain legitimacy in the political landscape through a staged, superficial election “process”.

The Cambodian nightmare

The recent surge in human trafficking to Cambodia from Bangladesh raises questions about the intentions and capability of the relevant authorities in addressing the situation.

Conflict with Israel: Iran should tread with caution

Iran's response to Israel's provocations should be non-violent and measured.

Who will flinch first: Putin, Zelensky or the West?

While the loss of Kharkiv in the northeast and Lyman in the Donetsk region, and now the pull-out from Kherson, are portraying Russia as a frail aggressor, security analysts suggest the war is far from over in Ukraine.

Biman: A cesspool of corruption

It’s high time Biman was overhauled and corporate governance and a stringent code of conduct was introduced.

Samrat-Khaled-Mominul should be behind bars

Criminals like Samrat, Khaled and Mominul should be miles away from the political scene.

The Rohingya feel pangs of hunger too

The international community cannot turn their backs on the Rohingya refugees.

Caught in the politics of aid, Syria is suffering

Death toll in Syria currently stands over 5,800 (as of 3:30 pm Bangladesh time, February 15). With every passing hour, chances of finding survivors are becoming slimmer.

The world mustn't fail Turkey-Syria earthquake victims

Aid agencies, both the Turkish and Syrian governments, and the rebel groups must all work together.

Israel’s military capability should be neutralised

Israel spares neither children nor the elderly in its thirst for aggression and bloodshed.

Covid-19: We can’t let our guard down yet

With fatalities declining and people getting used to living with the virus, adherence to social distancing protocols has been mostly absent from public life.

Bangladesh should revisit its Myanmar policy

What does the repeated violation of Bangladesh’s land and airspace by the troublesome neighbour signify?

Plastic waste mismanagement is killing our environment

Private sector companies who daily contribute to plastic pollution must come up with ways to manage it.

Protect Rohingya women, children from sexual exploitation

Many Rohingya women and children who managed to flee rape and genocide in Myanmar end up in the trap of sex trade and trafficking inside the refugee camps in Bangladesh.