A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Why must Dhaka drown after heavy rain?

City authorities must take effective steps to end waterlogging in the capital city.

2d ago

With the new HSIA terminal comes greater responsibilities

That a 12-year-old managed to breach at least five layers of security at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport comes as no surprise

1w ago

With digital banks, we must proceed with caution

Launching digital banks could be a major positive milestone for the nation, but it could also turn into a digital nightmare.

2w ago

To develop tourism, give it a separate ministry

We need a shift away from how we currently view tourism.

3w ago

Opinion / Drowning in a sea of distressed assets

It is high time our authorities dealt with loan defaulters and money launderers with utmost importance.

Dengue situation shows why our health sector needs an overhaul

The authorities should investigate and identify what has brought this sector to its knees.

The untold plight of young medical professionals over paltry pay

The lives of postgraduate trainee doctors and young medical professionals in general are riddled with struggles.

The Manipur incident speaks volumes about the fate of minority women

The way the state government has handled the delicate situation in Manipur comes off as an attempt to implement the policy of polarisation that ends with minority suppression.

History rewritten is not really history

While it is important to update textbooks with recent events, a deliberate attempt to rewrite history is highly irresponsible.

Myanmar’s hybrid democracy is no democracy at all

The international community is rightfully saying that the junta is using legal instruments to gain legitimacy in the political landscape through a staged, superficial election “process”.

Inefficient system, criminal traders making people’s suffering worse

It is high time the government and policymakers took this problem seriously.

Why are we failing to curb inflation?

With Ramadan coming up, people’s woes will increase.

Biman: A cesspool of corruption

It’s high time Biman was overhauled and corporate governance and a stringent code of conduct was introduced.

Samrat-Khaled-Mominul should be behind bars

Criminals like Samrat, Khaled and Mominul should be miles away from the political scene.

The Rohingya feel pangs of hunger too

The international community cannot turn their backs on the Rohingya refugees.

Caught in the politics of aid, Syria is suffering

Death toll in Syria currently stands over 5,800 (as of 3:30 pm Bangladesh time, February 15). With every passing hour, chances of finding survivors are becoming slimmer.

The world mustn't fail Turkey-Syria earthquake victims

Aid agencies, both the Turkish and Syrian governments, and the rebel groups must all work together.

Israel’s military capability should be neutralised

Israel spares neither children nor the elderly in its thirst for aggression and bloodshed.