What the law minister's DSA statement reveals

Until now, there was no account from the government that provided a picture on the extent of the use of the law.

Government’s stubborn attitude on DSA sends ominous signal

The government is not taking OHCHR recommendations about the law into account.

Persecution of journalists: Condemnation isn’t enough

It is our moral duty to condemn the arrest of Samsuzzaman Shams and demand his immediate release.

What is in store for the new year?

Looking back at 2022, experts on the South Asian political and economic landscape would highlight the ongoing economic crisis for understandable reasons.

Citizens’ fundamental rights are not the executive’s choice

Can citizens be told that their rights are now available because the executive branch of the state is offering them as a gift?

Why is Bangladesh seeking IMF support in the first place?

As Bangladesh, facing an unprecedented economic crisis, has entered a negotiation with the IMF for a USD 4.5 billion loan package, a few discussions have ensued in the country.

Imran Khan’s downfall and the judiciary’s role in it

A fortuitous combination of several factors in the past few months have brought down the Imran Khan government in Pakistan.

Dhaka’s abstention in Ukraine vote is an anomaly

Bangladesh’s abstention in the vote on the Ukraine crisis at the United Nations’ emergency special session on March 3, 2022 deserves much more scrutiny than it has received thus far.

Three legacies of the Election Commission

The 12th Election Commission (EC) of Bangladesh, headed by KM Nurul Huda, completed its tenure on February 14, 2022.

Five questions about the president’s dialogues

It seems like deja vu in Bangladeshi politics. As President Abdul Hamid is holding dialogues with various political parties to seek suggestions for members to form the search committee for the next Election Commission, it has brought back the memories of 2012 and 2017.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks: A day of remembrance, a day of reckoning

This is not how the day marking the 20th anniversary of the al-Qaeda attacks on the United States was expected to be commemorated, but unfortunately, the day has turned out to be not only a day of remembrance, but also of reckoning.

A cancelled 1971 conference in Pakistan sends a message

An institution of higher learning in Pakistan had to cancel an academic conference about 1971.

An assault on democracy: What’s next in the US?

Since the atrocious attack on the Capitol by Donald Trump supporters on Wednesday, the Congress has formally certified the victory of Joe Biden, some Cabinet members of the Trump administration have resigned, and some are considering invoking the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution and removing Donald Trump from office.

Three challenges to the 2020 US election

Although the US presidential election is less than 90 days away, it is—unlike any other election year before—not at the centre of public discourse or media coverage.

A Tale of Misplaced Priorities

It’s mind-boggling to think of a situation where there is an urgency, poor people are in dire need, and money is in the hands of the government allocated to help those in need, but the money is not being distributed properly.

Covid-19: The era of perpetual emergency and the emerging new normal?

Little did we know on the night of December 31, 2019 that we were about to begin not only a new year but a new epoch which can only be compared to a century-old calamity.

Is banning student politics the solution?

“Ban student politics” has become the rallying cry for the past few days, in both the social and mass media.

Politics Gone Missing

Politics have gone missing from Bangladesh. This may sound naïve, considering that the country had a national election less than two months ago and several elections are upcoming.