EC’s act is ‘an improbable fiction’

The EC’s action has already contributed to the deterioration of the political situation, and it will continue to reverberate in the coming days.

2w ago

Reading Donald Lu’s letter, intently

Is there a connection between India’s clarification of its policy and Lu’s letter?

2w ago

What the law minister's DSA statement reveals

Until now, there was no account from the government that provided a picture on the extent of the use of the law.

Government’s stubborn attitude on DSA sends ominous signal

The government is not taking OHCHR recommendations about the law into account.

Persecution of journalists: Condemnation isn’t enough

It is our moral duty to condemn the arrest of Samsuzzaman Shams and demand his immediate release.

What is in store for the new year?

Looking back at 2022, experts on the South Asian political and economic landscape would highlight the ongoing economic crisis for understandable reasons.

Citizens’ fundamental rights are not the executive’s choice

Can citizens be told that their rights are now available because the executive branch of the state is offering them as a gift?

Why is Bangladesh seeking IMF support in the first place?

As Bangladesh, facing an unprecedented economic crisis, has entered a negotiation with the IMF for a USD 4.5 billion loan package, a few discussions have ensued in the country.

Is banning student politics the solution?

“Ban student politics” has become the rallying cry for the past few days, in both the social and mass media.

Politics Gone Missing

Politics have gone missing from Bangladesh. This may sound naïve, considering that the country had a national election less than two months ago and several elections are upcoming.

What kind of an election will it be?

In the next 24 hours Bangladesh will have a national election. The question is what kind of an election will it be? It has already become unprecedented on many counts: the incumbent is seeking a third term, an election is being held under an incumbent government which is being participated in

Routine gesture or is there more to it?

The statement of the heads of the diplomatic missions of the European Union, Norway and Sweden in Dhaka on Monday calling to “ensure a genuine, credible, inclusive and transparent electoral process” in the upcoming parliamentary election warrants our attention.

Trivialisation of the dialogue is not the way to go

As the much discussed “dialogue” between the prime minister and the 14-party alliance members on the one side and the opposition parties is proceeding, many are pondering whether the political situation has changed.

An Unavoidable Question

Barring any dramatic shift in the current political situation or unforeseen circumstances, the 11th parliamentary elections are to be held no later than January 28, 2019. It is against this background that the final session of the 10th parliament has commenced on Sunday.

Democracy In Crisis: What we know and what we don't

That democratic values and democratic institutions are in crisis all around the world is no longer a revelation; casual observation of the current global scene is enough to bear this out.

EVM: A Pointless Debate

The Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) has successfully prompted an unnecessary debate just four months ahead of the national

Unmaking a 'lost generation'

The dire warning of Unicef about the Rohingya children refugees in the camps in Bangladesh that they may become a “lost generation” warrants urgent and serious attention of the Bangladeshi policymakers and world leaders.

Will Myanmar fool the international community?

Two recent developments have once again raised questions about the role of the international community with regard to the Rohingya refugee crisis.

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