KNOT SO TRUE | Page 3 | The Daily Star
  • Someone else's babies

    There was a time when the film industry in the subcontinent used Indo-Pak plots to create pre-film-release-tension-teasers to attract more audience.

  • Confessions of a feminist

    It's time to start a #SheForShe movement. Unless women just stop expecting men to help them realign their statuses, then victory for women will always remain elusive. The only way is to help each other out, increase mentorship programmes and impact each other's lives.

  • Era of dialogue

    We are proud. They want laptops to work on. This is what Sathy and Rokeya have written to me. Both are now studying at the Asian University for Women situated in Chittagong and are having the time of their lives.

  • The Virtual Vogue

    By habit, I shake the morning newspapers violently every morning. This way, I shake redundance off the pages.

  • The alternative road to dissent

    Luckily we don't live in the United States of America. Luckily we don't have to take to the streets to protest the executive orders of the president.

  • Bureaucracy cannot yield to business

    Three hundred and sixty nine billion people, who constitute the poorest 50 percent own USD 426 billion.

  • The upside down era

    This year, many of us read about 'listening hairbrushes' taking control of our split ends, toothbrushes filming the inside of our mouths, beds reacting to a person's sleeping position, cars learning from the brains of drivers, like the Concept-i car by Toyota, which, with an advanced artificial intelligence system, can act as a faithful dog or a pining boyfriend.

  • The year that was for us

    1 and 9 have always been the most significant numbers in my life. Most of what has happened to me (save one) has always taken place on dates that add to either 1 or 9.

  • Half-truths and agendas

    I get apprehensive every time I discover a questionnaire on my table. Each questionnaire seems to be arriving with a specific agenda.

  • Wake up, Mrs. Bangladesh

    I saw a butterfly following me around. Usually, butterflies mean either death or marriage in the family. Every time, I see one, I shudder in fear and uncertainty.