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  • The extra pair of eyes

    Strangely, we are not where we used to be anymore. Students who used to steer movements against tyranny have themselves become tyrants.

  • The Next Hope

    A car hit one of the workers working in our house this morning. He was cleaning the wall and the car smashed his bones.

  • Blood versus Boom

    What has actually gone wrong in the South Asian landscape? If one singles Pakistan out in this South Asian equation, one then naturally wonders, why the leaders of a single country that is projected to take off as the next investment friendly area, be unwise to jeopardise regional integration that could turn South Asia to record the highest GDP growth by 2030?

  • The unstoppable

    The unstoppable

    Bangladesh has not become the second largest exporter of apparel because of media spotlight. Bad press affects us, but does not kill us, as we know how to rise from the ashes. Negative publicity may dampen, but does not annihilate us as we are far stronger than expected.

  • Rivers of blood

    Rivers of blood

    In our lives, we try and look for social proofs and replicate other events, other practices, other lives, et al. We also try and promote ourselves, our lives, our products with valuable virility. Most of us use social media to be viral. But being viral with responsibility is a difficult task and being responsible while reporting to the public is even more challenging.

  • Shifting Commercial eshtablishment from residential areas

    “Move”, they said

    It's called a sprawl. We just happened to experience a mushroom growth. It happened to us when schools, garment factories, stores, boutiques, offices just stealthily popped up in our neighbourhood.

  • Too big to fail

    Too big to fail - Too small to prosper

    Ironically, access to loans is most restricted to people who really need it, who could actually use it and who possibly have the best intent to pay it back. That was a moment to step back and relook at our entire financing scene.

  • From Brad Pitt to Bin Laden

    Does it really benefit opening and reopening boxes piled with grief and tears on a daily basis? How brutally insensitive some of our media outfits become? And how fast are we ourselves spreading rumours and fear that are, at times, unsubstantiated? The stories have to stop, and the gossip must end.

  • I still believe in man in spite of man

    That is what happens every time we turn the other way and decide to be indifferent. This is how we are losing the proud flag of secularism at our end. This is how this year Brussels Airport was struck in March, how Istanbul got hit in June, how we were blown over on July 1, and that is how three Saudi cities got rocked in less than 24 hours.

  • The unfortunate idiṓtēs

    LISA, a thorough Texan, had left the United States only once for a vacation. She had never travelled the world before.