night circusThe Circus arrived without warning as mentioned, and when it did, it made sure it lived up to its name. Yours truly stayed up nights, hypnotised and enchanted by a tale like no other. Living through page after page, it was a race to the end but at the same time, it was the dreadful feeling of a world coming to an end.
The Night Circus is not a book. It's a realm. And once you're there, this world will not satisfy you. Each detail brought into existence by debut writer Erin Morgenstern is impressive to the extent that you are left in awe even after closing the book and putting it back on your shelf.
The story is about Celia and Marco but really, it's about the circus and the magic with which it's bound. The magic transcends to you once you touch the cover and slowly mesmerises you with every letter; it pulls you into a network bound with enchantment. And then, you are just part of a big tree branching out, your life ignited by the magic of the circus.
This book will tease your insipid and boring lives. It will make you yearn. It will make you desire the mystery and adventure that the circus holds. You'd think the story ends when the book does, but only the narration cease to exist. The circus lives within.
The author has written The Night Circus so beautifully, it makes the reader feel every aspect of the wonderful adventure -- the smell, the noises, the lights.
Read this book. Really.


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