Today's Gallery (28.05.2015)

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (2L) accompanied by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (3R) enter the Royal Gallery during the State Opening of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster in central London, yesterday. Prime Minister David Cameron's government confirmed it will hold a referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU yesterday in a policy speech read by Queen Elizabeth II. In the speech, the queen promised "wide-ranging powers" for Scotland as well as Wales. She also unveiled a tough plan to reduce immigration, including giving police the power to seize wages earned by illegal immigrants.
An Afghan child migrant is helped off a dingy as it lands on a beach on the Greek island of Kos; Photo: AFP; Reuters
overcrowded with Afghan immigrants the dinghy lands at the beach; Photo: AFP; Reuters
Rescuers help migrant women. The EU yesterday asked its member states to admit over the next two years 40,000 asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea who have already landed in Italy and Greece. Photo: AFP; Reuters
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