Today's Gallery (2023.02.26)

Family members place floral wreaths at the grave of a Bangladesh Army officer who was killed during the BDR mutiny at the BDR headquarters in the capital on February 25-26, 2009. Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of the incident. The photo was taken at the Banani Military Graveyard. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Despite a High Court order on February 6 to remove all posters and graffiti from flyovers in the capital within two weeks, the pillars and walls under the Moghbazar flyover can barely be seen as they are covered from top to bottom by political posters and banners. Poster sticking and graffiti writing were made punishable offences in a 2012 act. PHOTO: AMRAN HOSSAIN
In a day-long drive in the capital yesterday, traffic police at the Sonargaon intersection seized rickshaws illegally running on the Nazrul Islam Avenue. Photo: Anisur Rahman
A child peeling the shells off shrimps to turn them into “shutki” (dried fish) on a small island called Dhaal Char in northern Bhola, where the Meghna meets the Bay of Bengal. School children sometimes join the adults in the work of drying the fish, even though they are not officially paid for it. On some occasions, they take a few of the fish or shrimps, and sell them to the market by themselves to earn a few hundred taka. The photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: MONIR UDDIN ANIK
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