Today's Gallery (2022.02.01)

Bangladesh Water Development Board conducts regular eviction drives to recover its land along Lalbagh’s Beribadh in the capital, but illegal establishments, like this furniture market, keep reappearing there anyway. The photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: ANISUR RAHMAN
Hawkers on one side of the road in front of Gulistan 5/A TCB office seem to be in-charge of controlling traffic when police are not around. They raise a rope, put up by traffic police as a stop-gap measure, and drop it at will. Sometimes they hold it up when they feel it is convenient for their business. Hawkers have been setting up their shops on all roads and footpaths, even though Dhaka city corporations were supposed to keep one side of all roads hawker-free. PHOTO: AMRAN HOSSAIN
Grasping a rope with one hand, a man paints a footbridge with the other while standing on some rickety bamboo poles tied together in Science Laboratory area of the capital yesterday. He had no safety harness and could have fallen to his death or injured himself. Many workers put their lives at risk every day for wages on which their families can hardly survive. Photo: Prabir Das
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