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Today's Gallery (2017.09.28)


People jaywalk in the capital's Bangla Motor intersection yesterday even though there is a footbridge above their heads. Fatalities and injuries are not too rare there. Attempts to stop this by fining jaywalkers had little impact. Photo: Amran Hossain

Poor State...

All the tingle of excitement of going home to celebrate the Durga Puja with dear ones burst in a moment for this family of four yesterday. Their auto rickshaw hit a large pothole hidden in a puddle of muddy water near Rupatoli bus stand in Barisal city. Although they got drenched in the dirty water after getting thrown out of the vehicle, they were thankful that the bus behind did not run them over. A three kilometre stretch of this highway connecting the city with Jhalakathi, Pirojpur and Borguna has been in this dilapidated state for almost two years. Photo: M Jahirul Islam Jewel

Rise High Bangladesh

As part of its campus activation programme, the export idea contest “Rise High Bangladesh” covered East West University in the capital yesterday. Puzzle winners pose on the campus. The campaign will be held in 15 universities all over the country. Photo: Star