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Today's Gallery (2017.06.10)

dhaleswari bridge-1

Workers use sandbags and timber to shore up the approach ramp of the Dhaleswari Bridge-1 on Dhaka-Mawa road yesterday. The Roads and Highways Department started the work under the supervision of Bangladesh Army after the soil had caved in a couple of days ago. Photo: Anisur Rahman

overcrowded elephant road

On the second Friday of Ramadan a large number of shoppers poured in at the capital's Gausia Market and other adjacent shopping centres. The photo of an overcrowded Elephant Road was taken yesterday afternoon. Photo: Firoz Ahmed

risking their lives

Two of the three workers of Power Development Board (PDB) use a transformer as their platform to repair a power line on Chatteshwari Road in Chittagong city. Without any elevated working platform, safety harness and gear, PDB workers are often seen risking their lives. Photo: Prabir Das