Today's Gallery (18.05.2015)

Vehicles stuck in a gridlock on the Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue near Farmgate around 3:17pm yesterday as the capital city sees traffic congestion to an extent not experienced in recent weeks. Photo: SK ENAMUL HAQ
Hasina Begum, a rescued migrant Rohingya woman, grieves for her brother at a shelter in Indonesia's Aceh province Saturday. Hasina's brother Abdullah was thrown in the sea after he was killed by some other migrants during a bloody struggle for survival on their boat. Photo: AFP
Abdul Kadar is seen inside a police van in 2011. Then a Dhaka University student, he was tortured in police custody and made accused in false cases. Yesterday, about four years after his ordeal, a court gave three-year jail sentence to the police officer responsible. Photo: File
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